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Kensington Security Slot

The original K-Slot. Ideal for seamless integration into devices and hardware with more than 12mm flat surface area for the locking point.  All T-Bar™ and Cleat Locking Technology locks can be used with the K-Slot.

Kensington Security Slot Orientation and Specifications

The Kensington MicroSaver Security cable has no cable orientation--the cable is attached to a ring, which can spin and thus can be located very near the external features of your product. Slot placement can be either vertical or horizontal.

Lock Clearance Specifications and Electrical Considerations

The Notebook MicroSaver has an interference volume inside the computer equipment it secures. There should not be any electrical components adjacent to the slot, and the MicroSaver product should never be in contact with any electrical components.

Recommended Metal Backing

It is highly recommended that a metal backing be applied to the interior of the housing wall surrounding the Kensington Security Slot. The development guide above shows how this backing can be accomplished. It is often possible, however, to utilize a small extension of some existing internal metal structure, such as shielding, to create this reinforcing structure.

K & Lock® Design Specifications and Considerations

The K & Lock® design (shown and available for download above) should be used to identify products that are compatible with the MicroSaver lock family of products.  This logo is the industry standard for identifying the Kensington Security Slot on computer and electronic hardware. Although this logo is trademarked and owned by Kensington, Kensington freely encourages OEMs to utilize this logo to identify the Kensington Security Slot. Kensington also encourages OEMs to utilize this icon in their product instructions, literature, and marketing materials. Additionally, Kensington encourages OEMs to include the "Kensington Security Slot" in their list of specs for products, as questions from our end users are becoming more frequent about which products have the Kensington Security Slot.