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Man having a video conference wearing his H2000 headsets.
Man having a video conference wearing his H2000 headsets.

Ready to Communicate like a Pro?

Spend more time being productive with Kensington’s Professional Video Conferencing Solutions. The key to getting more work done.

The way we live and work has changed.

Professionals are celebrating their 30-second commute—and their ability to be productive from any location. Working from home, at the office, or in shared workspaces has never been more possible.

Kensington’s Professional Video Conferencing is built on innovation, quality, and simplicity so your video conferencing experience is powerful, professional, and personal.

Kensington products on a desk.

A powerful experience… customized by you and powered by Kensington.

Diverse accessories, seamlessly working together. Visually stimulate with high-resolution webcams, LED lighting, and stands. Focus your sound with audio switches and noise-cancelling headsets. Ensure a quiet and focused environment with a silent mechanical keyboard with built-in meeting controls.

Professional Video Conferencing Solutions

Kensigton ringlight on white background.

Specialized lighting to help you look your best. Used in combination with webcams, professional lighting delivers illumination to provide you with the ultimate video conferencing experience.

Kensigton w2050 webcam on white background.

Looking your best starts with the best webcam—optimized resolutions, flexible mounting, privacy covers, and seamless compatibility supported by a cohesive software experience.

Kensigton mounting stick on white background.

Mounting options designed to help you look your best. Used in combination with webcams and professional lighting, stands deliver the right angles and stability vital for the ultimate onscreen experience.

Kensington H3000 headset on white background.

Communicating, collaborating, and concentrating starts with the best headset—wired or wireless, with noise-cancelling technology, in-line controls, comfortable earcups, rotatable microphones, impressive durability, and excellent sound quality.

Kensington Audio Switch on white background.
Audio Switch

Smooth audio transitions start with the best switch—with easy-to-use controls for changing, adapting, or muting signals. A switch elevates your audio experience by providing seamless transitions between devices—and ensuring you are always heard.

Kensington mechanical keyboard on white background.
Silent Keyboard

Focused and productive multitasking starts with the best keyboard—one that maximizes your productivity and allows you to type with confidence knowing that you are not distracting others or disrupting a call or meeting.


Communicate with Confidence.

The Key to be heard and seen in the best way.

How presenters look and sound when they communicate matters as much as—and sometimes more than— the words they say. The best video conferencing setups incorporate the right products and accessories—like high resolution webcams, proper lighting, and audio products such as headsets and switches—to make them look and sound like a pro.

Woman putting on a Kensington headset.

See and Be Seen, Hear and Be Heard

Enhance productivity and increase workflow efficiency with the complete Kensington Professional Video Conferencing experience.

Woman having a videocall wearing her H3000 headset.

Hear and be Heard

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Woman having a videocall using her ringlight and the w2050 webcam.

See and be Seen

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Tools & Resources

Resources that simplify your video conferencing experience and help you Communicate Like a Pro.


Kensington Konnect™ for Webcams

Harness the power of a unified setup—so you can spend more time being productive. One-click customization options help you look your best in any setting. Professional features that are easy enough for everyday users and powerful enough to support mass business deployments.

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Man standing infront of her desk having a videocall.

Online Meeting Tips to Foster Meaningful Virtual Connections

Kensington Konnect software image.

Our Unified Video Conferencing Software

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Innovation and Design Awards

Woman working from home using Kensington products.

The Kensington Advantage Program for Businesses