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Workplace Ergonomics & Wellness Solutions

Working should feel like living. That’s why Kensington ergonomics and workplace wellness solutions are designed to improve our quality of life while we're at work. They’re scientifically proven, simple to set up, and built to last — keeping us active and alert, healthy and productive.

Why Kensington for Workplace Wellness

At Kensington, we take pride in making todays essential business tools efficient, effective, and easy to use. It's all part of our desire to help people become more productive, confident, and comfortable as they live and work with the latest devices.

Woman doing yoga and working at computer

Fitness doesn't stop at the gym.

Interest in health and physical fitness has never been higher. More people have gym memberships than ever before. Restaurant chains promote healthy menu items. Healthcare providers and insurance companies offer incentives for healthy habits and lifestyles. So it's only natural that this attention to health and wellness should carry over into the workplace. Employers aim to attract and retain young professionals with modern offices and amenities, including ergonomically designed furnishings and accessories that promote health and wellness in the workplace. Active, healthy employees are also more productive, more reliable, and more satisfied in their careers  and HR departments are taking notice.


Scientifically Proven


Simple to Set Up

Checkmark in Star

Built to Last


Hot-desking and flexible workspace are no longer a challenge for organizations that aim to provide ergonomic solutions to their employees. Kensington's patented SmartFit® system lets each individual easily customize their work environment to get an accurate adjustment and maximum comfort from their desktop accessories.

Personal fit in three easy steps


1. Measure

1. Measure

Just place your hand on the baseline of the hand chart. The tip of your middle finger indicates your SmartFit color.

2. Adjust

2. Adjust

Then adjust your product to the correct SmartFit color setting. (You won't need any tools.)

3. Fit

3. Fit

The final step is to validate the fit of your SmartFit product at your workstation. And voila, you're all set to start working more comfortably!

Fit for Work

Our bodies are meant to move. Research shows that people are healthier and happier when they're more active. Kensington SmartFit sit/stand desks and workstations adapt to changing comfort levels throughout the day. Whether thinking on your feet, or comfortably seated, we've got the perfect solution.

Upper Body Fit

Staying focused on work is easier when your work is right in front of you. And staying productive is easier when your posture is correct and comfortable. Kensington helps keep eyes in line with monitors, wrists in line with bodies, and people in line with wellness.

Lower Body Fit

When your lower body is supported properly, it can provide crucial support to your lower back, hips, legs, and ankles — critical to overall health, and imperative for optimal performance in the office (and out).


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