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Custom Keyed Solutions

Select the ideal level of control over your equipment, help employees safeguard against theft, and avoid downtime due to misplaced keys.

Which Solution is Right for You? 

master key lock

Master Access on Demand Locks

What are the advantages of ordering master access on demand locks?

Our On Demand Lock program provides you with all the protection of a master key with the added convenience of being able to order more locks online for fast delivery, under the same master key configuration as your needs grow.

Once we’ve authorized your master key we’ll be able to ensure that any locks you order in the future are opened by your existing master key.

How do I order Master Access On Demand Locks?


Step 1

Order from or your IT reseller. Locks will ship with individual user keys, so they may be used immediately.

Step 2

Order your master key at We'll send you a master key and create and On Demand account for authorization on future orders.

Step 3

Upon delivery, register your key codes and master key code at for safe keeping.


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