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Closeup of person using Kensington laptop lock
Closeup of person using Kensington laptop lock

Next-Generation Hardware Security

In an age where criminals can learn how to break and pick locks online, Kensington continues to stay ahead of the curve, offering more advanced security options than anyone.

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Kensington laptop lock securing a laptop on a desk


Laptops are getting thinner and lighter. However, mobility comes with compromise. Reducing the size of a portable device chassis often means reducing the number of ports available for connectivity or removing the security lock slot. We are constantly looking at ways to help organizations keep their hardware, and the information contained on it, safe.

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Kensington lock securing a tablet on a desk


Another trend in the market is the increased use of tablets as a primary computing device. The additional mobility of these devices makes them even easier to grab. Until now.

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Closeup of a person using a Kensington VeriMark fingerprint key with a laptop

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Why stop at the lock? Adding 2FA to a mobile device makes it even harder for the wrong person to access valuable data.

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Closeup of a Kensington USB port lock

USB Port Locks

In some high risk environments, ports can be a vulnerability that must be guarded. Kensington provides USB security locks to ensure data can’t be removed or malicious code added.

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