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Partner With Us And Thrive

Access to a world of leading workplace solutions built to enable professionals to perform at their peak – along with unparalleled perks.

Do you want fries with that? 


It's an easy "yes" for hungry consumers. But fast food isn't the only place where you can make a killing with bundles. It works in selling attach too. 

In the Advantage Program, you'll enter a community of partners that together are making security, productivity, and wellness transformations real to modern organizations across the globe.

So don't just sell a device. Sell the fries, too.


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 Our Program Offers a Wealth of Benefits 



Redeem  profitable incentives,  discounts, marketing funds, and rebates. When you lead with Kensington, we'll invest back in you.


Don't settle for puny margins on a device sale, when you can earn 10x with attach solutions. Earn more money when you help customers achieve their best workspace.




Access streamlined sales tools, demand generation programs, co-marketing, and sales support. We make it easy to automate and wrap up your sales cycle, fast.


Develop your sales, technical, and marketing skills today. Our on-demand training makes onboarding quick, with no barriers to start selling. 


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  • Important Notes
Important Notes Chevron Icon
  • The Advantage Program is eligible for US partners only.
  • Use your company domain e-mail address for your registration. Registrations with non-corporate domains (such as: Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo for example) may be rejected.
  • Ensure that you have an active website and that you are registered with the states that you transact business in.

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It Pays to Accessorize

It’s a win-win. With Kensington Rewards, partners earn more on all our solutions – enjoy rewards – and choose how they’d like to be compensated, with no hassle. Collect your hard earned points throughout the year, all while growing your business.
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