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Kensington Docking Stations

Simplify Your Workspace


Choose Your Kensington Docking Station

With Kensington universal docking stations, a single cable is all it takes to get a complete desktop experience from your device.

Choose your Universal Docking Station

Why Kensington for Docking Stations? Simple.


Your needs, met.

Whether you are outfitting the diverse needs of hot-desking or hoteling setups, or equipping your office’s road warriors, ample experience gives us the insight to offer a broad, purpose-driven product portfolio that’s perfectly optimized to satisfy your needs—no matter how diverse or challenging those needs happen to be.

A men in a video call, while a woman utilizes a docking station to connect multiple devices.

Business Needs

Multiple monitors, laptops, mice, keyboards, printers, projectors—you name it, we’ll connect it. All to keep you running at the speed of business.

A woman in a video call using a docking station to connect her laptop to multiple devices.

Hot-Desking Needs

Different people bring different “tools” to the table. We’ll make sure they can use those tools quickly and easily.

A woman working from home in conference call using a docking station to connect multiple devices.

Individual Needs

Devices are as ubiquitous in the home as they are in the office. Maybe even more so. Connect it all with Kensington.

Desktop Docking Stations

Turn your device (laptop, tablet or 2-in-1) into a productivity powerhouse on your desk. Connect to multiple monitors and add a variety of peripherals with extra USB ports. Desktop docks (self-powered) come with a power supply unit for charging your device and your other peripherals, all at once.


Turn Your Laptop into a Desktop Powerhouse

Docking station connection types

Thunderbolt™ 3 and Thunderbolt™ 4

  • Next-level plug-and-play solution (futureproof)
  • Up to 40 Gbps bandwidth
  • Up to single 8K or dual 4K resolution (Supports a single display only for USB-C Alt Mode laptops)
  • Ultra-fast refresh rates (Up to single 4K @ 120Hz or 1080p @ 240Hz with DSC enabled)
  • Daisy chain capability
  • Best for MacBook or any other Thunderbolt™ 3 & Thunderbolt™ 4 enabled laptops
  • Ideal for graphic designers, business professionals and video editors requiring high speed data transfer
  • Windows / macOS** / ChromeOS*

Discover more about these docking stations

*Thunderbolt™ 4 docking stations only **M1/M2 Base Chipset supports only a single external display. Only M1/M2 Pro, M1/M2 Max, and M1 Ultra Chipset supports dual displays.
Thunderbolt 4 and its badges: USB-C cable, single 8K, dual displays, power, and DockWorks™ Software.


Mobile Docking

A mobile docking station can turn your laptop into a productivity powerhouse from anywhere. At home, in the office, or on the go, portable docks feature a variety of video display and data transfer options. Portable docks are powered by a USB-C power adapter (sold separately) or your laptop’s battery when traveling.


Portable Productivity for Your Laptop



a businessman on a train trip with his laptop connected to a mobile docking station.

Business Needs

  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Can be used with existing USB-C adapter
  • Eliminates need to carry extra adapters
a man easily placing a mobile dock into his backpack.

Always Available

  • Easily fits into a backpack or carrying case
  • Connects to a wide variety of devices
  • Great for business professionals who travel
a woman at a cafe using a mobile docking station to set up her laptop with ease.

Setup a workstation anywhere

  • Work from anywhere
  • Multiple ports to connect to many peripherals
  • Can charge your phone or tablet on the go


Cables, Adapters and Accessories

Now that you’ve found the perfect docking solution for your needs, make sure you have all the cords and accessories to go with it.

Choose your video cables and adapters

40 Years of Innovation

With over 40 years of experience, and as a global leader in desktop productivity solutions since 2006, Kensington is the Professionals’ Choice for universal laptop and desktop docking stations. From professional-grade industrial design to intuitive user interface, every docking station is quality tested to exceed industry standards, backed with a superior warranty, and offers unmatched support—both before and after you purchase your docking station. And, our robust supply chain experience brings wisdom to both large and small-scale deployments so you can rest assured the right choices are being made whether you need one dock or a thousand and one docks.

Kensington through the years.

Kensington Docking Stations are The Professionals’ Choice since 2006. Kensington has worked closely with device manufacturers to engineer and design solutions that support workplace security and enhance productivity. As technology evolves, manufacturers continue to trust Kensington to collaborate on innovative solutions to support their devices.

2006 - Kensington partners with DisplayLink to launch USB 2.0 dock.
2009 – 1st USB 2.0 Dock introduced.
2012 – Launched USB 3.0 dock.
2016 – USB-C® 1st 3rd party dock.
2017 – Thunderbolt™ 3 1st 3rd party dock.
2018 – Designed for Surface Pro 1st docking station
2020 – Thunderbolt™ 4 1st dock Engineered for Intel EVO.
2021 – iPad Pro 1st docking station.
2022 – 1st USB4® mobile dock in Microsoft DFS program.


Kensington partners with DisplayLink to launch USB 2.0 dock


1st USB 2.0 Dock introduced


Launched USB 3.0 dock


USB-C® 1st 3rd party dock


Thunderbolt™ 3 1st 3rd party dock


Designed for Surface Pro 1st docking station


Thunderbolt™ 4 1st dock Engineered for Intel EVO


iPad Pro 1st docking station


1st USB4® mobile dock in Microsoft DFS program

Established partnerships.

Benefit from our long-standing working relationships with major manufacturers throughout the industry. Kensington works directly with Microsoft, Apple, and Google to develop innovative devices for Microsoft Surface, MacBook, Samsung, Chromebook, and more. We are proud to be part of compatibility solutions for major ecosystems, including Engineered For Intel Evo Laptops, Designed for Microsoft Surface, and others. Our purpose-driven partnerships support our passion to make your work life easy and efficient.


Under Established partnerships icons: Microsoft, Apple, Google, Intel and DisplayLink icons.
Under Established partnerships icons: Microsoft, Apple, Google, Intel and DisplayLink icons.


MD120U4 USB4 Portable Docking Station, featuring video cables, an Ethernet cable, and thumb drives.

Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Docking

a Thunderbolt desktop docking station connected to a MacBook Pro Max.

Why Desktop Docking Amplifies Your Experience

a person typing on a laptop, presumably writing a blog.

Trending Docking Station Blogs

Kensington docking stations awards received in the past: CES Innovation, Reddot Design, THE BEST, and CRN Tech Innovators.

Recognized for Excellence


Business Solutions

Kensington takes pride in keeping pace with the speed of business. We strive to pioneer solutions that push the industry forward while meeting the demands of shared and agile workspaces. We encourage you to connect with us to learn more about our business solutions.

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