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Learn from home tips for: parents, students & teachers

Stay at home, keep learning
eLearning, or digital at-home learning, and online schooling have grown in popularity over the last ten years for both teachers and students of all ages. The advancement of mobile computing has made learning from a distance possible, helping teachers to connect with their pupils outside the classroom.


Kensington supports at home learning by providing solutions that enhance the most popular mobile computing devices. Like every students’ needs are unique so are the way our products function. We have worked hand in hand with teachers, students and school administrators to create durable and easy to use K12 products for the classroom, even if your classroom is at home.


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90% of students believe online learning is better than traditional classroom experience. (1)

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Distance Learning involves 87% less energy and 85% lower carbon dioxide emissions than campus-based courses for every 100 hours of study per student. (2)

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Distancing learning has been shown to increase knowledge retention by 25% to 60%. (3)

Distance Learning Success Tips:

  • For Students:
  • For Teachers:
  • For Parents:
For Students: Chevron Icon

  1. Have patience. It can be hard to adjust to a new type of learning compared to a traditional classroom environment. There are rewards though, and having patience to find the parts of the day you love is key to success.
  2. Find a Routine that Works For You. Try out some different routines to see what makes you feel the most productive throughout the day. Maybe it's doing all your work in the morning and having fun in the afternoon, or reversed. The beauty of distance learning is many times you get more flexibility to learn how and when it works best for you.
  3. Pick a Space to Excel at Learning: Find a space in your home that makes you feel inspired to learn. Knowing that space is your space to learn, be productive, and accomplish great things can help motivate you when you are in that space.
  4. Get the Right Tools. Protect your device by having a sturdy case. Be a better listener by having headphones to hear your teacher clearly, and block out other sounds. Consider a cushion or a laptop stand for your learning space to set you up for comfortable and productive days of learning.
  5. Don't be Scared to Ask for Help. Ask your parents, teacher, or other students in your class for help as you need it. It's important to ask for help as new learning concepts are thrown your way and easy to forget to ask for help and get frustrated if no one else is learning next to you. Reach out for help as soon as you need it to keep you on track for distance learning success!
For Teachers: Chevron Icon

  1. Have Patience. Change for you, for your students and parents can be a time that feels uncomfortable as people adjust to a different type of learning. Have extra patience during the initial transition time to allow those feelings to adjust.
  2. Share success stories. Tell your students or parents of students successful patterns for a schedule or routine of learning. This can help them identify a clear path to success.
  3. Choose a Dedicated Work Space. Pick a spot where you feel motivated to work and deck it out with tools to help you succeed at your work. Having a dedicated desk or spot to work will help trigger your brain to know it needs to accomplish things when your in your special zone.
  4. You're a Pro, have a Pro Set-Up. You're a pro at what you do and deserve to have a set-up to match. Choose tools for a pro by having tools that offer you comfort, efficiency, and security to protect your device and your body.
  5. Be Available. Set office hours and make your contact information known. When there is a question or moment of frustration, knowing easily how to get ahold of the educator can help calm anxious feelings and comfort your students when they are able to quickly get ahold of help.
For Parents: Chevron Icon

  1. Have patience. As distance learning can be something new and different. Sometimes kids may feel uncomfortable with it at first as they get acquainted with new routines and methods of learning.
  2. Create a routine. If your child is struggling to stay focused, make sure to create a routine for the day to get through the work and make sure to include fun in between. Kids need to know what comes next and feel a sense of routine in their day to succeed.
  3. Dedicate a Space for Learning. Similar to working from home for adults, it's important for kids to understand where learning needs to take place in the house. Dedicate a space to be the learning space and to be special in some small way, compared to the rest of their room, or space.
  4. Be Prepared with the Right Tools. With technology, it's easy to get overwhelmed with choices. Think what you need to succeed at your job and replicate it to your child. Having headphones for a focused listener, a case to protect the device investment, a stand to help their posture, and having a way to keep all their devices charged are a great way to start.
  5. Engage with your Kids. Take time to understand what they are working on, and know how to get ahold of their teacher if they need help. Sit down and talk with your kids to see how they are feeling about their work to stop frustrations early on.


Solutions for Chromebooks


LS520 Stay-On Case for 11.6 on grey background

LS520 Stay-On Case for 11.6" Chromebooks & Laptops

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Kensington® Wireless Three-Button Mouse for Life on white background

Kensington® Wireless Three-Button Mouse for Life

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Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic

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Solutions for iPads®


BlackBelt™ Rugged Case for iPad 9.7” on grey background

BlackBelt™ Rugged Case for iPad 9.7”
(2017 & 2018)

Part No. K97452EU

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Wired Keyboard for iPad® with Lightning™ Connector on grey background

Wired Keyboard for iPad® with Lightning™ Connector

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USB Hi-Fi Headphones on grey background

USB Hi-Fi Headphones

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Solutions for Surface Pro & Surface Go


BlackBelt™ Rugged Case for Surface Go on grey background

BlackBelt™ Rugged Case for Surface Go

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FP123 Privacy Screen for Surface Pro 7/6/5/4

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BlackBelt™ Rugged Case for Surface™ Pro

BlackBelt™ 2nd Degree Rugged Case for Surface™ Pro 7, 6, 5, & 4

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Solutions for MacBooks®


Pro Fit® Ergo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse—Gray on grey background

Pro Fit® Ergo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse—Gray

No. K75407US

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MagPro™ Elite Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro 16 on grey background

MagPro™ Elite Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro 16"

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USB Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic on grey background

USB Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic

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(2) Quickclass
(3) TechJury