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Benefits of Using a 100W USB-C® Power Adapter with a Mobile Dock

A 100W USB-C® Kensington Power Adapter Connected to a Grey Wall

As mobile devices have become increasingly more powerful, the demand for higher-wattage power adapters has continued to grow.  For hybrid workers and business travelers who need to charge their laptops and devices while in the office and on the road, a 100W USB-C® power adapter is the ideal solution for powering a mobile dock. 

What are the Top Benefits of a 100W USB-C® Power Adapter?

A 100W USB-C® power adapter, like the Kensington 100W USB-C® GaN Power Adapter, has many benefits, including:

  • More Power: A 100W power adapter is probably more powerful than the adapter that was supplied with your laptop.  Most Windows laptops come with 65W adapters, and most MacBook adapters are less than 100W depending on the model (see Identify Your Mac Power Adapter).  The extra wattage gained with a 100W adapter will allow you to connect a laptop, tablet, smartphone, and more to your laptop docking station without worrying about power constraints. 
  • More Efficient: It is a perfect upgrade for most professionals due to the energy efficiency of GaN technology.  USB-C® GaN adapters are designed to deliver the power your device needs while consuming less energy than other adapters—which makes your mobile dock and workstation more efficient, while also reducing energy consumption. 
  • Ideal Multi-Purpose Travel Accessory: A 100W USB-C® GaN Power Adapter can eliminate the need to carry multiple power adapters so you can travel with less weight and clutter. It is compact enough to fit into a backpack or laptop case and is compatible with the latest USB-C® accessories—so you will always have an adapter available to charge various devices, including your Surface Pro, iPad, iPhone, AirPods, Beats headphones, and more. 

How will a 100W USB-C® Power Adapter Maximize the Benefits of my Mobile Dock?

Combining a 100W USB-C® GaN Power Adapter with your mobile dock can unlock the full potential of an on-the-go workstation: 

  • Turns the Mobile Dock into a Powerhouse: The 100W USB-C® GaN Power Adapter will quickly charge your laptop while also fueling additional productive connectivity.  It will provide up to 85W of Power Delivery to your laptop, while also delegating up to 15W of power to other connected accessories, such as monitors and external hard drives. 
  • Supports Dual Display Workstation: Many of today’s mobile docks support dual displays for Windows laptops.  When combined with a dual display mobile dock, a 100W USB-C® GaN Power Adapter will power a desktop setup with two external monitors anywhere it is needed.
  • Portable and Powerful: Most desktop docking stations come with bulky DC-in power adapters.  By combining a 100W USB-C® GaN Power Adapter with a mobile dock—you can carry a much lighter and more compact USB-C® power adapter, and turn any location into a fully-powered workstation.
  • Compatible with Any Mobile Dock: The Kensington 100W USB-C® GaN Power Adapter is compatible with all Kensington mobile docks, including single display docks and dual display docks.

MD120U4 USB4 Portable Dock connected to a laptop, two monitors, a keyboard and mouse.

What Use Cases Support Combining a 100W USB-C® Power Adapter with a Mobile Dock?

While the 100W USB-C® power adapter is a perfect solution for powering any mobile dock, there are a few examples where the added value is exponential.  Adding a 100W USB-C® power adapter allows you add more power to your setup while traveling with less weight and clutter.

For example, many designers work with dual display workstations at home and at the studio.  A dual display mobile dock will allow them to enjoy two external monitors without any additional video adapters, and a 100W power adapter will ensure that their additional portable devices, such as laptops, iPads, and cameras can be charged anywhere.  In this scenario, the combination allows them to transfer data, use high-speed card readers, and enjoy the productivity benefits of multiple monitors—using a single power adapter.  Combining a compact and powerful Dual 4K mobile dock that can fit into your backpack, such as the MD120U4 USB4 Portable Docking Station with the Kensington 100W USB-C® GaN Power Adapter, will allow you to maximize the video, data, and power options for your workstation—while also traveling with less weight and fewer adapters.

For business professionals who travel for face-to-face meetings, single display mobile docks are perfect for connecting laptops to projectors or monitors for client presentations.  The Kensington G1000P USB-C® Mini Dock is the ultimate plug-and-play solution for Chromebooks and the SD1610P USB-C® Mini Mobile 4K Dock allows you to connect with confidence to USB-C® based Microsoft Surface devices.  These docks allow users to connect their mouse, keyboard, webcam, or laser presenter—and by adding the Kensington 100W USB-C® GaN Power Adapter, users will also be able to rapidly charge their laptops and smartphones while they are presenting.

What’s Next?

Since Power Delivery 3.0 (PD3.0) remains mainstream, the 100W USB-C® power adapter is the ideal choice for most of today’s mobile docks.  While 140W power adapters are currently available, they require Power Delivery 3.1 (PD3.1) and will only function at full capacity if the connected cable, dock ports, and docking station support 28V x 5A (140W = 28V x 5A).  Learn more at  When PD3.1, and supporting accessories, become more popular, Kensington will continue to innovate and deliver the right solutions to maximize workstation productivity.

In conclusion, a 100W USB-C® power adapter is the ideal solution for powering your mobile dock. It can deliver up to 100 watts of power, provides a reliable connection, is compatible with a variety of devices, and is incredibly efficient. If you are looking for a powerful and reliable power adapter for your mobile dock, the Kensington 100W USB-C® GaN Power Adapter is the perfect choice. 

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