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How Hybrid Docking is Changing How We Work and Secure Our Devices


Hybrid docking is changing how we work. Now that we know what a hybrid docking station is, the ROI, and how it benefits businesses, we’re going to focus on how businesses are thriving. Thriving is different than benefiting – it’s more sophisticated and can only be achieved with hybrid docking.

This is because there are so many devices on the market. Each of these devices can use a different operating system (OS), different applications and different connection technologies. In the corporate setting, maintaining security across all these devices requires a solution like hybrid docking.

Kensington provides hybrid docking solutions for all the most popular laptop connections. These hybrid docks maintain connectivity across a wide range of devices, all while allowing your business to thrive with modern workplace best practices.

How to Thrive with Hybrid Docking

There are various types of offices, but the ones thriving the most are Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), shared workspaces, hoteling, hot desking and agile workspace environments. We’ve broken these down and explored them via earlier blogs in the series, so let’s recap the information we’ve previously covered.


BYOD policies are more common in today’s environment. In fact, the BYOD market is projected to hit $367 billion by 2022. Adding to that, Cisco reports BYOD policies save companies $350 per employee each year on average. Also, a Dell survey reports 61% of Gen Y believes they have more effective personal devices than they use at work.

Shared Workspaces

There are 18,700 shared workspaces available around the world. Freelancers, creative professionals, and other virtual workers love these spaces for collaboration. They often provide breakrooms, meeting rooms, and other useful resources that can be used on a temporary basis. Using a temporary office can come with compatibility concerns, which Kensington is here to relieve.

Hoteling and Hot Desking

Hoteling replaces the traditional office with a reservation system, like a hotel. Each seat in the office is assigned a workstation that can be monitored by IT. Every morning, you check in occupants and assign employee IDs to workstation IDs. This system maximizes the efficiency of your commercial real estate and requires a versatile docking solution.


Hot desking is like hoteling, but there’s no reservation system. Employees are encouraged to sit in the available spaces. This creates a collaborative environment where teams work with each other more effectively.

Agile Workspace Environments

While there are many different types of flexible workspaces available, people all learn and work differently. Simply having an open floor plan is not always the answer. With agile workspace environments, businesses can create various creative collaboration zones that allow people to come together to work on various projects. This allows for greater collaboration, while still allowing users to work in quieter environments, or remotely, to perform deep work tasks.

Kensington continuously pioneers solutions to keep things secure and manageable for IT. We have countless hybrid docking solutions to give you (the IT manager) the most out of your deployment. This saves you time, money, and energy on your end without sacrificing employee productivity or quality. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Discover Kensington’s Hybrid Docking Solutions

What all these environments have in common is the need for hybrid docking.

SD5500T/SD5550T is a first-of-its-kind Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C docking solution. This hybrid docking solution has you covered with support for Dual 4K, up to 40Gbps data transfer speeds, device charging up to 60W and more. It’s plug-and-play, so you can focus IT resources on more important tasks than continuous setup issues.

SD4900P/SD4750P/SD4700P are Kensington’s lineup of USB-C and USB 3.0 docking solutions. They support both newer USB-C and legacy USB 3.0 (Type-A) devices. Supporting speeds/video/power up to 10Gbps/Triple 4K/60W (SD4900P) or 5Gbps/Dual 4K/85W (SD4750P) and 5Gbps/Dual 2K/60W (SD4700P), these hybrid docking stations enable solutions that can truly scale with your business. For legacy USB 3.0 (Type-A) devices, 60W device charging is supported via our optional power splitter kit (K38310).


Businesses simply can’t compete with the technology their employees own. A tech enthusiast may spend thousands of dollars a year to own the latest smartphone, tablet, or other devices. It’s time to exploit the functionalities of these devices for your business. Kensington covers all your bases with the best docking stations.

Making the deal even sweeter, businesses can try these solutions before buying, thanks to our ProConcierge program. Participants in this program get exclusive deals and information, including a personal Sales Engineer. Your Sales Engineer will explore your business’s unique needs to recommend the perfect solution. From there, you’ll receive everything to install and set up (with our guidance, as needed).

If you don’t like the device, you can return everything. That’s right – there’s no obligation to buy. We’re more interested in helping our business partners succeed than making a quick buck.

Feel the Effects of Hybrid Docking

Hybrid docking helps businesses become more flexible by implementing scalable solutions that enable greater productivity.  

Implementing a hybrid docking solution is a lot easier than it sounds. Modern technology connects us in ways that have never been thought possible. Smart sensors, geolocation tracking, cloud computing, and blockchain open endless possibilities, and tomorrow’s business leaders will be the ones fusing both legacy and emerging technologies.

There’s no better time to get started than today. Find out why so many business leaders trust Kensington for their business deployments.

Check out Kensington’s full lineup of docking stations or contact us today to find the perfect solutions for your business.