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Woman using a Kensington Trackball at a desk
Woman using a Kensington Trackball at a desk


Personalized Performance at your Fingertips.

KensingtonWorks for Windows
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Windows Compatability
  • Windows 11 (64)
  • Windows 10 (32/64)
KensingtonWorks for Mac
Apple Logo
Mac Compatability
  • macOS 14 Sonoma
  • macOS 13 Ventura
  • macOS 12 Monterey
  • macOS 11 Big Sur
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave

Welcome to KensingtonWorks™

KensingtonWorks™ is a tool for personalizing your experience with Kensington® trackballs, mice and presenters. Designed with productivity in mind, KensingtonWorks™ simplified software allows you to customize button functions, modify pointer settings and tailor your device functionality to meet your individual needs. We aim to provide you with devices that work the way you do to enhance your productivity and increase workflow efficiencies.


Personalization Options

KensingtonWorks™ provides you with endless function combinations to enhance productivity and customize your workflow options. All settings can be assigned per application so you can customize your device buttons based on the application you are using. Here are a few personalization options available to help you work like a pro!


Button Assignment Options

Mouse & Keyboard

  • Assign hotkey shortcuts.
  • Perform “Chording” (assigning a hotkey to the combination of two buttons pressed at once).


  • Program buttons to perform frequently used editing functions such as cut, paste, redo, copy, and select all.


  • Assign buttons to pre-selected navigation functions such as find, scroll up/down, home, page up/down and play/pause.


  • Control your media viewing by assigning buttons to volume up/down or mute and track controls for next and previous.

Web Browser

  • Assign buttons to forward, stop and refresh to support efficient browsing.

Windows & Virtual Desktop

  • Set buttons to minimize or maximize windows, snap windows or desktop, and switch virtual desktops.


  • Assign buttons to open files, folders, URLs or Task Manager with a single click.


  • Set efficient system buttons to copy screen to clipboard, lock screen, open Explorer window, show run dialog, or show system search.

Text Snippets

  • Program buttons to enter pre-defined snippets of text.

Mouse & Keyboard

  • Use your trackball to control your volume or web browser by assigning buttons to volume up or down and page forward and back.
Screenshot of button assignments Kensingtonworks. Detailed description follows.


KensingtonWorks Button Assignments Description

The screenshot of KensingtonWorks software shows customizable options for buttons, pointer, or scrolling along the left side of the image. The screenshot displays a sample of current button customization for the Expert Trackball, including back, right-click, left-click, middle-click, and two unassigned buttons. The Home button is located in the lower left corner, and the device name is stated across the bottom of the screenshot.

Cursor & Pointer Control

  • Adjust cursor pointer speed and acceleration to react exactly as you want it to depending on how quickly you turn your trackball or move your mouse.
  • Adjust your pointer to move slower.
  • Use Single Axis Movement to lock the point movement along either the horizontal (x) or vertical (y) axis.
Screenshot of cursor pointer control kensingtonworks

Scrolling Orientation & Speed

  • Customize your scrolling experience. Adjust your scrolling speed and how you want to scroll up and down.
  • Enable inertial scroll to maintain scrolling momentum to mimic a touchscreen experience.
screenshot of scrolling orientation kensingtonworks

Pro Video Conferencing Shortcuts

Compatible with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Button Assignment Options:

  • Mute / Unmute
  • Camera On / Camera Off
  • Share Content / Stop Sharing
  • Answer Call / Decline Call
  • End Meeting
  • Screen Capture Saved

*Certain button assignments are not compatible with Zoom. Please see the PDF below for full compatibility.

Professional video conferencing shortcuts screenshot kensingtonworks

Presenter Customization Features

  • Assign custom features to the top button. Note: the top button can only be programmed to perform one function at a time.
  • Set a button for blackout the screen— a convenient default for interactive presentations.
  • Start/end presentation with the presenter instead of walking back to your laptop.
  • Cursor for playing videos or opening links during the presentation.
  • Magnifier allows the presenter to zoom in on the designated area the presenter would like to explain in detail. This is recommended when presenting financial reports and other areas with a high volume of information.
  • Pen enables the presenter the flexibility to draw the audience's attention and adds emphasis to particular sentences and areas of the presentation. The Pen feature is exclusive for Microsoft® PowerPoint for Mac.
  • Customize the pointer with up to 20 different styles to best fit your different presentation scenarios. Select the laser like pointer for formal presentations and other unique pointer styles to encourage more discussions/conversations for interactive informal presentations.
  • Customize your pointer size and speed to cultivate your personal presentation style.

How to use KensingtonWorks

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Woman typing on ergonomic keyboard at desk at home.
Woman typing on ergonomic keyboard at desk at home.
Kensington orbit trackball mouse and person typing on keyboard in background
Kensington orbit trackball mouse and person typing on keyboard in background
Ergonomic keyboard with vertical mouse and monitor with headset
Ergonomic keyboard with vertical mouse and monitor with headset
Man typing on ergonomic keyboard and holding vertical mouse at desk
Man typing on ergonomic keyboard and holding vertical mouse at desk
Keyboard with wrist rest and hand on trackball mouse
Keyboard with wrist rest and hand on trackball mouse