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Kensington DockWorks™

Get the best connection, performance, and security from your Kensington dock with free DockWorks™ software.

Is your dock smart?

Kensington DockWorks software ensures the best connection, performance, and security from your Kensington dock. Seamlessly, effortlessly, reliably, and free.

WiFi Auto-Switch

Knows when to connect to LAN and when to connect to WiFi.

MAC Address ID Pass-Through and Reset

Mirrors the laptop’s MAC ID, for greater network visibility. Automatically resets when the laptop is undocked, preventing the next user from using the previous MAC ID. Perfect for multi-user workspaces.

Device Connection Monitoring

Gives IT admins a greater level of security and control of the network by allowing them to see what is connected to each user’s docking station. Particularly important in hot-desking and BYOD environments.

Built based on Customer Feedback

You told us what you wanted, and we delivered. We encourage your feedback to help us continuously improve. Email us at

Download DockWorks for Windows (End User)

 Windows Compatibility
Windows 7/10 (32/64) or Windows 11

Download DockWorks for macOS (End User)

 Mac Compatibility
macOS 10.12 or above

For macOS users that are running DockWorks with SD2000P, please download the latest MAC OS 10.6 to 10.13 Realtek Ethernet driver.


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