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Price  $12.99
SKU: K33022WW

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Bi-Directional Cable

Connect a computer graphics card with DVI to a monitor or HDTV with HDMI input or connect an HDMI source device to a monitor with DVI-D input.

Up to Full HD Video

Supports Full HD for HD LCD and LED monitors. Audio is not provided through the DVI-D connector and must be connected with a separate cable.

Quality Cable Construction

Gold-plated connectors, thumb screws, and outer & inner shielding suppress noise, minimize crosstalk, and protect against EMI and RFI noise for interference-free video transmission.

Verified & Tested

Validated to perform with legacy monitors and Kensington docks (SD7000, SD5350T, SD5300T, SD4900P, SD4800P, SD4700P, SD4610P, SD4500, SD4000, SD3650, SD3600, SD3500, SD2000, SD1600P, and SD1500) —and backed by a Kensington Limited Lifetime Warranty.

1.8m (6ft) Length

Perfect for connecting docks and multimedia devices to desktop monitors.

Trusted Kensington Compatibility

Works seamlessly with Kensington’s award-winning docking stations and is a perfect addition to mass docking station deployments when you need to connect a HDMI devices to DVI-D or DVI-D to HDMI.

An essential cable for connecting laptop and desktop PCs with either HDMI or DVI to monitors that have the reverse, the Kensington HDMI (M) to DVI-D (M) Passive Cable provides trusted connectivity for monitors and multimedia consoles, including Blu-ray players, Apple TV, Roku, Play Station 3/4, Xbox One/360, or Nintendo Wii. This quality cable is tested to perform with Kensington docks —and is backed by a Kensington Limited Lifetime Warranty. Quality cable construction includes outer & inner shielding to minimize possible radio (RFI) and electromagnetic (EMI) interference, gold-plated connectors and thumb screws to provide consistent cable performance.

  • Connects a computer graphics card with DVI to a monitor or HDTV with HDMI input OR connects an HDMI source device to a monitor with DVI-D input.
  • Provides support for high definition video.
  • Built using components that ensure the consistent video transmissions.
  • Buy with confidence –certified by HDMI Administrator Licensing, Inc.
  • Accommodates desktop setups.
  • Works with Kensington docking station deployments.

Product Specifications

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Video Ports:
Maximum Resolution:
Video Signal Type:
Limited Lifetime Warranty