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Kensington SecureTrek Lockable Laptop Bags: At a Trade Show

  • January 04, 2016
  • Topics: Locks

Kensington SecureTrek Lockable Laptop Bags: At a Trade Show

The Kensington SecureTrek range comprises a selection of secure travel bags designed for students, commuters and businesses. The leading provider of mobile device and PC locks for more than 30 years, the SecureTrek range includes a 15" Laptop Backpack, 15" Laptop Carrying Case, 17" Laptop Overnight Backpack, and 17" Laptop Overnight Roller. Our recent survey found that while most travelers keep up to $2,500 worth of valuables in their travel or commute bags, 75 percent do not secure their bags en route. Unsurprisingly, 35 percent of respondents said they had experienced bag theft while on a trip. In this post we look at how a SecureTrek laptop bag can work for trade shows, business events and conferences.

Business Travel

For a lot of business professionals, traveling means heading to conferences or trade shows. And if you’re company is an exhibitor, it means long days in the booth. And depending on your booth space, there might not be a great spot for you to securely stash your bag or backpack while you’re working in such a public environment. The last thing you need is suddenly realizing your bag with your laptop and other valuables has vanished while you were busy talking to a potential customer.

With the SecureTrek 15” Laptop Backpack, you have the ability to lock down your valuables and devices so you can concentrate on your accounts and stop wondering if your bag will still be there at the end of the day. In a recent Kensington survey of business professionals, “Trade Shows” was listed in the top 3 places where frequent business travelers felt most vulnerable to bag theft.

With the backpack’s Lock Base, not only can you lock the zipper pulls in place so no one can get access inside your backpack, you can also add a Kensington Portable Combination Lock to secure it to a fixed object in your booth.  Now, your backpack isn’t going anywhere until you’re ready to leave.

Learn more about Kensington’s SecureTrek Lockable Laptop bags.