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New Year – Time for New WFH Habits

As the new year approaches, now is the perfect time to reflect on your current work from home (WFH) setup and daily habits. Many of us had to scramble to create a half-decent setup that keeps us productive while also handling the pressures of home life. With this year finally coming to an end and the next quickly approaching, this is an opportunity to review your setup and redesign your WFH for a more organized home office and productive daily routine.

When Stephen R. Covey wrote about the seven habits of highly effective people, the challenge with our daily routines was more abstract than those we face today. With the boundaries between your work and personal life blurring, you’ll want to take this time to rethink your setup and focus on organizing effective habits that help sustain your long-term health and productivity.

A New Year with New WFH Challenges

Developing new habits and daily routines require an effective strategy and forward planning. According to the latest science, you can develop new habits by following a routine for just 21 days. The habits you’ll need to be a productive and successful WFH employee covers everything from focusing on your health to using the right tools and equipment for your desk setup to help you organize every workday.

To help you rearrange your current setup and get the most out of your WFH desk arrangement, Kensington has a range of healthy, ergonomic productivity tools. If you want to reset and reconfigure your home office to be ready for the next year, here are six tips that will help you be successful while working from home.

1. Maximizing Your Connectivity with a Docking Station

When faced with limited space, you’ll want to maximize your connectivity with a docking station and a VESA-compatible docking plate. A docking station and a space-saving mount allow you to optimize your desk arrangement and create a minimalist, clutter-free WFH desk arrangement.

To start the new year off with a bang, you can rearrange your entire desk setup and ensure you can transition easily between your office and homework environments with a mount for your favorite docking station. Compatible with almost all of Kensington’s latest docking stations, you can optimize your connectivity without additional clutter and cables on your home desk.

2. Keep Track of all Your Tasks with a Desk Organizer

If you regularly have to reference from books or papers, take quick notes, and save space, the Kensington OfficeAssist™ Multi-Function Copyholder is the ultimate organization tool. You can save space and keep all your reference materials and stationery handy.

To keep you organized, the OfficeAssist Multifunction Copyholder gives you:

  • A magnetic, dry-erase board for taking notes
  • The ability to arrange all your accessories including your phone without cluttering your WFH desk
  • An optimized arrangement by adding a penholder for all your markers
  • A portable solution that travels with you when the need arises

3. Revisit the Ergonomics of Your Current Setup

Adjustable monitor arm

Whether you work in a regular office, from a home desk, or transition between the two environments, you can ensure you have an ergonomic and healthy set up anywhere. Kensington has a range of wellness solutions that will keep you comfortable and productive in any environment. With scientifically proven solutions, simple to install equipment, and products built to last, you can reorganize your entire desk configuration for maximum comfort and yearlong productivity.

For the best results, you need a solution (like a monitor arm or laptop riser) that can adjust to your specific height in any environment. An adjustable monitor arm allows you to align your monitor with your eyes, helping reduce neck strains and create a setup that supports your posture when you spend hours behind your desk.

4. Keep Maintaining Habits that Separate Your Work and Personal Life

WFH may be a new phenomenon in your household but you’ll still need to maintain a routine that splits your work and personal life. Many companies are now embracing the idea of a virtual commute to create a boundary between work and personal time.

Your morning routines should differ from your after-work habits. In the morning, you’ll want to set aside some time to focus on your daily goals, while at night you need to let go of your work stress. You can develop new habits that will help you switch on and off as required by practicing virtual commutes in the coming year.

5. Configure Your Desk for Maximum Productivity

If you want to maintain the same levels of productivity throughout the year, you’ll need products that support every type of working environment. We’ve seen how any situation can change at a moment’s notice, making it vital that you can adapt to changes quickly and efficiently when they arise.

Kensington’s Wellness Configurator tool will guide you in finding the right products that can work in traditional offices, home workstations, and for workers who are constantly on the go. Once you’ve configured your ideal work arrangement and desk storage solutions, you can start the next year with a spring in your step and some healthy habits to keep you going.

Organizing your Work from Home Set-Up with Kensington Products

Kensington is running specials on many products that help you organize your WFH or regular office. We also have solutions for workers who need to stay productive on the go while reducing repetitive strains in a work from anywhere (WFA) environment. For anyone who needs to optimize their workstations and maximize their efficiency in the coming year, Kensington can help.

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