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5 Traits of a Bad Desk

Man sitting at a desk with bad posture

There's an old saying that goes something like “you always need a good pair of shoes and a good bed — because if you're not in one, you're in the other”.  Accurate as it may be, we'd like to add another item to that list: desks.

As an office worker who has spent more than a week in their job knows, you either grow worryingly attached to your desk or bitterly resentful of it. This is because it's a place where you spend a ludicrous amount of your waking hours and how comfortable and practical it is can have a major impact on your regular mood.

Unfortunately, many people have to get by with furniture that's closer to being their worst enemy than their best friend. Here are some of the worst offenders:

1. Leg Cramping

A desk's height is one of the most vital factors dictating how easily you can concentrate on your work. Or to put it another way, try focusing on your project all day while your knees are rubbing up against metal bars every few seconds. This is why desks that are either fixed at an inconvenient height or don't allow relative adjustments, should be thrown out at first sight.

2. Shiny Surface

Most desks are colored a light shade of grey, which provides a pleasing look without reflecting too much light. However, some manufacturers make the mistake of producing surfaces that are fully white, which in brightly lit office buildings, can cause an uncomfortable amount of reflection. On the plus side, they will wake you up. On the down side, they will drive you mad.

3. Limited Arm Space

No one likes having their limbs hanging off the edge of a sharp desk edge for hours on end. Or even for a few minutes, for that matter. It's incredibly uncomfortable to suspend your arms in that position for a substantial period of time, whereas the edge can cut into your forearm or wrists, leaving red marks that will last into the night. Better to have ample space to maneuver computers, notepads and other accessories so that your body can come first.

4. Lack Of Drawer Storage

Everything you need in the workplace can't always fit on your desktop, unless you run a very straightforward operation. As most people need extra storage, how spacious a desk's drawers are can be a deal breaker. In this sense, it can fail in one of three ways. Firstly, they can be so wide that your legs are cramped. Secondly, they can be so deep that you have to take them out in order to reach anything. And finally, they can be so tiny that a spare pen would struggle to find a free spot.

5. Weak Material

There's something demoralizing about seeing a chipped, broken desktop surface when you walk in on a Monday morning and prepare to kick-start the week. That damaged look invokes negative thoughts, while also making the office look trashy to visitors, many of whom may be prospective clients. Why not just buy something that will last in the first place?

A better alternative

So that's a breakdown of the worst features a desk can have — now, what about the best?

What you really want from a desk is one that gives you maximum comfort while also ensuring optimum ergonomic and health benefits. It should be quick and easy to set up and adjust, without stressing you to the point where you become less productive as a result.

All of this and more can be provided through the SmartFit® Sit/Stand Workstation. A high-quality solution that breaks the tradition of sitting all day, it allows you to assume whatever position is most comfortable at any one time with minimum effort. A pneumatic lift and articulating arm make this possible, allowing you to quickly transition from sitting to standing in a heartbeat.

Advanced height adjustability enables you to set the monitor and keyboard platforms to ideal viewing and typing levels, whereas a secondary platform ensures that clutter can easily be shifted without losing anything necessary.

Find out more about our SmartFit Sit/Stand Workstation by clicking on the link.