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The Complete Guide to Docking Stations

Three different Kensington docking stations

Today’s fluid work environments thrive on mobility and flexibility. Modern employees want the freedom to work where they perform best, and hot desking—the practice of having common workspaces rather than individually assigned desks—is gaining popularity by enabling a flexible workplace. BYOD policies let workers choose their preferred device, but require organizations to support PCs and MacBooks alike. An organization that wants to enable its employees to work anywhere with any device at any time can inadvertently create workspaces cluttered with tangled cords and connectors that must be laboriously plugged in one at a time. Choosing the right dock facilitates flexibility without sacrificing productivity by allowing workers to quickly and easily connect a slim laptop to a full-size keyboard, mouse, eye-height monitor, and other necessary peripherals with just one cable. Let’s look at the different kinds of docks available today, and criteria for selecting the perfect dock to fit your organization’s needs.

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