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The 5 Biggest Take Aways from the Intel Press Release

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With the announcement of the new Thunderbolt™ 5 connectivity standard, Intel has thrown the gauntlet down and declared Thunderbolt™ 5 as the best solution for creators and gamers. That is a bold statement, but one that is sure to be backed up by double, and even triple the bandwidth of Thunderbolt™ 4.

5 things you can expect from Intel’s Thunderbolt™ 5 connectivity solution:

1. Significant Performance Improvements

Thunderbolt™ 5 offers substantial advancements in speed and connectivity with an 80 Gbps bi-directional bandwidth. With Bandwidth Boost, you can up that to 120 Gbps, specially designed for display experiences. With these improvements Thunderbolt™ 5 looks to be up to three times faster than existing connectivity solutions.

2. Creators In Mind

Thunderbolt™ 5 is optimized for content creators, gamers, and professionals who have the need for high-resolution visuals and low-latency experiences. As video and data file sizes continue to grow, Thunderbolt™ 5 aims to cater to your high bandwidth needs, ensuring seamless and immersive experiences and providing less lag.

3. Broad Compatibility & Industry Standards

The Thunderbolt™ 5 design is based on industry standards like USB4® V2, providing backwards compatibility with previous Thunderbolt™ versions and other USB devices. This commitment to universal compatibility simplifies your experience and helps you integrate into your existing devices.

4. Compatibility is Key

Intel introduced PAM-3 signaling technology, ensuring performance enhancements are achievable with your existing infrastructure components.

5. Detailed Technical Advancements

Beyond the bandwidth improvements, Thunderbolt™ 5 has:

  • Doubled the PCI Express data throughput.
  • Doubled the bandwidth for Thunderbolt™ Networking.

woman facing a dual screen office desk.

While there is no set Thunderbolt™ 5 release date just yet, you can expect to see computers and accessories hit the market in 2024 and that is exciting news for power users and future-ready enthusiasts. The big question you will have to ask yourself is, do you need that much bandwidth, or are you perfectly satisfied with what’s currently available. Thunderbolt™ 3 and Thunderbolt™ 4 docking stations, cables, and accessories still offer incredible data transfer speeds and high-resolution display support that will fit the needs of most. It’s great to see Intel keeping up with the demands of users like you.

To learn more about our product offerings and see how Thunderbolt™ docking stations stack up to USB-C® and others.

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