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How North Memorial Health Hospital Unlocked Greater Productivity

Kensington SD4800P docking station on desk


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North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbinsdale, MN was considering cable locks to prevent workstations and connected monitors from being moved around in, or removed from, its offices. Kensington offered exactly what North Memorial needed – keyed dual-head cable locks. After successfully implementing the locks, its IT team further invested in universal USB-C laptop docking stations from Kensington, because they offered big advantages over the OEM-specific models from previous deployments.

The Challenge 

Like the healthcare sector at-large, North Memorial required multi-layered security that could protect against device theft and data exfiltration, plus ensure regulatory compliance.

Although software solutions were part of this security configuration, physical protection – in the form of locks that could secure workstations in place – was essential, too. Physically securing devices that contain sensitive information is a major step in HIPAA compliance in particular.

North Memorial IT also sought to better support employees who relied on external monitors and other peripherals while working on or off premises.

Standardization was a key goal in this process. Previous dock deployments consisted of OEM proprietary docks that were:

  • Not universally compatible with commonly used hardware.
  • Somewhat complicated to configure and begin using.
  • Relatively large, requiring much desk space.

Migrating to a universal solution, such as a universal USB-C docking station, was ideal, as it would not only give employees a single, powerful connection to multiple monitors and accessories, but also simplify IT support. Both the universal USB-C docks and cable locks would allow for streamlined setup and management, helping North Memorial reliably secure its key assets and enhance employee productivity.

The Solution

Kensington worked with North Memorial to understand their unique needs and introduced their IT team to options for cable locks and universal USB-C docks. North Memorial opted for a dual-head custom keyed cable locking solution, choosing Kensington’s master keyed MicroSaver® 2.0 Keyed Twin Laptop Lock (K65099).

Kensington laptop lock on white background

The master key setup gave their IT department master access keys to all locks in their environment, while individuals received unique keys that could only access the lock in the individual’s possession.

As for a docking station, North Memorial found the Kensington SD4800P USB-C Scalable Video Docking Station (K38249NA) much easier to set up, use, and support than OEM-branded docks. Many of its workers needed to drive two external monitors and possibly connect a mouse, keyboard, and/or soundbar.

The Kensington dock met all their operational requirements by delivering:

  • Universal compatibility that wasn’t limited to specific OEMs and worked with laptops equipped with a USB-C port and running Windows 7 or later.
  • Up to 10 Gbps of data transfer for quick file transmission.
  • 60W of power delivery for charging the connected laptop.
  • The option to connect up to three monitors via DisplayPort++ and HDMI.
  • Plug and play experience, with no drivers required.
  • Gigabit Ethernet and multiple USB ports for maximum productivity.
  • Compatibility with the MicroSaver 2.0® Keyed Twin Laptop Lock, via built in Kensington Security Slot, for secure management and control.
  • Streamlined design and zero-footprint mounting option to conserve desk space in a tight cubicle-based environment.
  • A single, convenient product type for IT to support.

The North Memorial team was impressed by Kensington’s overall focus on addressing its specific challenges and working to build a long-term professional partnership. The testing and implementation processes were smooth from start to finish, with the Kensington team being highly responsive to inquiries and willing to share information and samples to keep the deployment on track.

"They were willing to partner with us – that’s the biggest piece. That partnership component and the sharing of information showed that they really took an interest in our industry, understood what challenges we faced, and were willing to help us through them." - Scott Brands, Manager of IT Desktop Services, North Memorial Health