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Kensington Announces New Enhancements to its World Famous ComboSaver® Notebook Locks Just in Time for the Back to School Season

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As Notebook Content Becomes Increasingly Central to an Individual’s Core Identity, No Notebook Should Ever Go Unprotected

Kensington Computer Products Group, a worldwide leader in delivering smart made simple™ computing accessories for the mobile consumer and the world’s #1 seller of laptop locks, today announced new enhancements to its family of world renowned ComboSaver Combination Notebook Locks.  Kensington’s award-winning locks offer the most secure physical laptop protection in the industry, which is why the patented Kensington Security Slot is found in 99% of laptop computers and why leading companies buy Kensington-patented locks to protect their employees’ laptops both inside the office and on the road. 

Over 600,000 laptop computers are stolen each year.  Notebook theft is rampant and continues to accelerate as laptops become more pervasive, especially among the high school and college generation which is less trained in protecting their belongings at all times.  In addition, laptop content itself is becoming far more critical to a person’s well being - and can be potentially damaging if it falls into the wrong hands.  The time spent recovering from lost documents, pictures, music files and other personal items is unpleasant but the outcomes from stolen sensitive records and even identity theft can be catastrophic.

Kensington has used its smart made simple™ design expertise to further strengthen the ComboSaver line’s protective qualities while at the same time making them more fashionable and easier to use. They offer three different cable thicknesses to suit any environment.  One model is designed to go along with the user in a bag or backpack.  The other two are designed to provide maximum security for laptops locked down in the office or dorm.  The lock heads have been slenderized to be in greater design harmony with the newer slimmer laptops.  A reset tool assures that the combination can only be changed by the user and not by accident.  A simple to set combination has an easy view window and comfort grip dials.

The Kensington ComboSaver Combination Portable Notebook Lock is a light companion to protect a laptop anywhere, anytime.  The easy to use combination lock has a low-profile design and self-coiling cable that extends from 3 inches to 6 feet for easy travel and to keep laptops securely anchored to anything handy – even while running 50 feet to the Starbucks counter to grab a coffee refill.  It comes in standard steel color and for those who want to make a strong fashion statement – in red.  The ComboSaver Combination Notebook Lock has an easy to use, keyless 4-wheel combination lock and 3.5mm steel cable. The ComboSaver Ultra is the strongest theft deterrent available with an ultra-thick carbon tempered steel cable. All ComboSaver Combination Notebook Locks come with the Kensington’s patented T-Bar for superior locking strength.

“We will not rest until every user locks their laptop as faithfully, at all times, as they do their bike and their car,” said Orlantha Boeker, Regional Product Marketing Manager, Kensington, “It used to be that losing your wallet was considered to be the worst thing that could happen to you.  But at this stage, our laptop contents have exponentially more power to negatively affect our lives if stolen than our wallet contents do. We are helping this crusade by making our locks even easier to use and more appealing to show off in public even while fortifying their already rock-solid protection.”

Key features of the Kensington Family of ComboSaver Combination Notebook Locks

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  • Most secure lock solution available –  Slim profile lock fits into the Kensington Security slot found in 99 percent of laptop computers with patented T-bar locking mechanism

  • Strongest cables available extend up to 6 feet – The Portable version has a self coiling cable; The Standard ComboSaver has 3.5 mm steel cable to anchor laptop to a desk or immovable object; The Combosaver Ultra has 5.5 mm thick coated carbon tempered steel cable for extra security

  • Simple to set combination with easy view window and comfort grip dials
  • 10,000 personalized combination codes – easy to remember and to change

  • SAFE-tested for greater security and peace of mind

  • Online registration makes it easy to retrieve lost combinations


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About Kensington

Kensington, a leader in smart. safe. simple.™ computing accessories, is the recognized industry standard trusted by enterprises around the world. Kensington's mobile security product offerings include laptop and mobile security locks providing a new generation of front-line protection for mobile devices. In addition, Kensington offers accessories including power adapters, chargers, mice, keyboards, trackballs, universal docking stations, desktop accessories, carrying cases and iPad/iPhone/iPod accessories. Kensington Computer Products Group, headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, is the technology division of ACCO Brands (NYSE: ABD), a world leader in branded office products, with products marketed in more than 100 countries across the globe. For more information, visit www.kensington.com or call Kensington toll-free at 1-800-235-6708.

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