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Business laptop value set to rocket, expert predicts

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Data value rising faster than hardware prices are falling, says Kensington

The value of laptops is set to rise in 2009 due to the data they contain, despite the plummeting costs of hardware – according to a warning from security specialist Kensington.

As overheads are cut to cope with the credit crunch, Kensington also predicts a significant rise in the number of freelance workers based from home. This could endanger data even further, as more and more employees use their laptops to work outside of the office.

Kensington’s own research has shown that 90 per cent of organisations have experienced some form of data loss, in the form of lost or stolen laptops. Moreover, a leaked letter from the UK’s Home Office letter has suggested that such incidents could rise even further as business budgets are slashed.

“High-profile data breaches have illustrated the real-life cost of digital information – but as resources are limited, security is in danger of being ignored,” explained George Foot, Vice President Kensington Europe. “As the recession deepens, the true price of company data will become apparent. Organisations simply can’t afford to take liberties with such a valuable asset.”

When an unsecured Nationwide Building Society laptop was stolen from an employee’s home, the company was fined £980,000 by the FSA.

“Companies can’t prevent human error – there will always be someone who leaves their laptop on a train or at the airport,” Foot continued. “Away from the fortress of the office, without colleagues or security guards, data is much more vulnerable.”

“In the current economic climate it’s more important than ever to safeguard a company’s most valuable commodity. That’s not the hardware itself, regardless of how good your laptops are. In 2009, it’s the actual data that will become priceless – so securing the devices is fundamentally important.  Taking steps to protect your organisations credibility also protects your own,” he concluded.

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