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100% Partner-Focused

The Kensington Advantage Program (KAP) is designed to empower our valued reseller partners to sell Kensington products. KAP provides incremental pricing, sales and marketing support, in addition to the latest product information for our members. The program elements have been crafted to add true value by improving profitability and enabling members to grow alongside Kensington.


Committed to Your Success

Strategic Pricing – Built to compete, we're focused on providing competitve discounts and programs to give members a winning edge.

Sales Support – Our team is available to provide dedicated pre/post sales support from start-to-finish, to help members close the deal.

Email Alerts – We'll keep your team updated on new products, discounts/promotions, training, webinars and more, each month. 

Marketing Tools – Save time & leverage content. You'll be fully equipped with data sheets, videos, and more, once you access the partner portal. 


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