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4 Reasons You Need a Vertical Laptop Stand for Your Apple Device

Woman using Kensington StudioCaddy

While proper storage is essential when looking to protect your Apple laptop from falls, spills, and other potential damage, do you know that how you store your laptop can impact how your unit runs and help improve your workstation organization?

With many options to choose from, finding apple laptop stands and desk organizers shouldn't be a problem.

Many people flock toward storage options that allow you to store your unit horizontally. However, vertical laptop stands may offer several unique advantages. Plus, if you seek intuitive workstation organizers, you could look into stand designs that accommodate more than just your laptop.

Is it Okay to Store Your Laptop Vertically?

Short answer: yes. Apple laptops work optimally in any orientation, so you can store them in any position, including vertically. Simply observe the following precautions:

  • Remove attachments and accessories sticking out from the laptop's ports.
  • Ensure the air intake and exhaust vents are not blocked.
  • The laptop must be stable, especially when storing it sideways, to prevent tipping over.
  • Protect the laptop from sudden shocks, mainly if yours uses an HDD.

Vertical laptop stands are a great addition to your workspace. However, if you're looking for something a little more traditional, there are several other options available to help you make the most of your space while building an ergonomic setup.

One example is the SmartFit® Easy Riser™ Go Adjustable Ergonomic Riser. While it's still considered a traditional horizontal stand, the ergonomic riser helps bring your laptop up and away from the desk. This allows you to position it to fit your needs while keeping your laptop vents unobstructed.

Why You Should Store Your Laptop Vertically

Still on the fence about investing in a vertical laptop stand or desk organizer for your devices? Check out these four reasons to store your laptop vertically.

1. Space Saving

Storing a laptop vertically takes less space on the workstation as you often have more upward room than a flat surface. Modern laptop stands are more like charging stations that hold your laptop and other devices in a stable position.

With one desk organizer, you can store various Apple devices and save more flat space for other items, such as a book, desktop, coffee cup. Whether you have one Apple laptop or many, storing vertically will save some space.

2. Dedicated Focus on External Monitor

Using a vertical laptop stand offers an ergonomic advantage otherwise impossible when the laptop is in landscape orientation. If you are using multiple screens, the upright position adjusts your device's height to a focused position, unlike mirroring screens or having to look between two screens. It offers dedicated focus, perfect for office staff with multiple screens to monitor simultaneously.

The stand's design is essential when working in a vertical orientation and ensures your laptop doesn't slip over. The positions are also crucial. Fortunately, you can order custom desk organizers based on what devices you have and how you use them.

3. Helps Keep Your Machine Running Optimally

For optimal health, you need to ensure that your device's vents remain unobstructed and clean. Storing your devices horizontally can lead to blocked vents or little room for proper circulation due to a cluttered workspace.

A vertical laptop stand allows you to store your apple laptop in a manner that keeps all vents unobstructed. By increasing air circulation for your device, you're ensuring that it won't overheat while on standby – something that many laptop users don't believe is a possibility.

Unless your device is completely shut down, your device is drawing power, and the fans will need to run to ensure the device remains cool. If your vents are obstructed in any way, this will harm the inner workings of your device and can lead it to overheat and/or fry essential components.

4. The Cool Factor

Better office space efficiency instantly improves the organization and aesthetics of your workstation. The cool factor is important, and some people find well-organized spaces motivating. Using and storing your laptop vertically through portrait stands is a fancy way to design your office or counter. The orientation saves more space and eliminates clutter, ensuring everything has its rightful place. Put simply, vertical orientation looks cool.

If you are concerned about making your desk Instagram-worthy, portrait stands and desk organizers are the way to go. There are many designs available with ample room for customization, so you can make yours as inspiring and captivating as desired. Vertical orientations look stunning on Instagram photos, which is essential for branding. Nonetheless, you need to find reliable stands and organizers that will secure/protect your devices.

Why Consider a StudioCaddy™ Desk Organizer

Finding vertical laptop stands and desk organizers that support portrait orientation should be effortless. At Kensington, our goal is to provide quality products to all customers. For those looking for a top-notch vertical laptop stand that can help you make your workstation Instagram-worthy, then the StudioCaddy™ may be the perfect solution.

Not only is it a flexible, steady laptop stand, but it is designed for a variety of Apple devices, including:

  • MacBook Pro
  • ·iPhones
  • iPads

You can also leverage the benefits of using a wireless charger as StudioCaddy™ offers reliable Qi charging for your AirPods, iPhone, and other compatible devices.

StudioCaddy Apple chargers and stands are some of the best in the market. By allowing you to both store and charge your devices, these desk organizers help improve your workstation organization substantially.

Store Your Apple Products with Confidence with a Kensington Vertical Laptop Stand

Here at Kensington, we are committed to customer satisfaction. That is why we strive to develop solutions and accessories that help meet the evolving needs of the modern workplace. We understand that organization is a key factor in office productivity, and when your devices can help by not only keeping you organized but your devices running optimally as well – your day gets that much easier. With a vertical laptop stand, you can keep your desktop organized while ensuring your device is getting the adequate circulation it needs.

Learn more about the StudioCaddy™