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SKU: K33020WW

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High-Speed HDMI 2.0

Experience high-speed HDMI features including transfer speeds of up to 18Gbps and video resolutions up to 4K (Full HD @ 1080p, Quad HD @ 1440p, Ultra HD @ 2160p and 3D Format).

Quality Cable Construction

Gold-plated connectors and outer and inner shielding provide high quality conductivity to ensure maximum performance and ultra low SNR.

Verified & Tested

Validated to perform with HDMI monitors and Kensington docks (SD7000, SD5300T, SD5350T, SD5200T, SD4900P, SD4800P, SD4700P, SD4610P, SD4500, SD4600P, SD4610P, SD4620P, SD3650, SD3600, SD3500, SD2000P, SD1600P, and SD1500) —and backed by a Kensington Limited Lifetime Warranty.

1.8m (6ft) Length

Perfect for connecting docks and multimedia devices to high-resolution 4K monitors.

HDMI Stacking Compatible

Fully compatible with HDMI stacking for network switches.

Trusted Kensington Compatibility

Works seamlessly with Kensington’s award-winning docking stations and is a perfect addition to mass docking station deployments when you need to get the most out of your HDMI monitors.

Perfect for multi-monitor desktop IT setups requiring high-speed HDMI connections and up to 4K video resolutions, the Kensington High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet provides trusted connectivity for high bandwidth desktop applications. This cable has been validated to perform with HDMI monitors and Kensington docks - and is backed by a Kensington Limited Lifetime Warranty. Outer and inner shielding protects against radio (RFI) and electromagnetic (EMI) interference and high quality conductors deliver 18Gbps bandwidth to support HDMI 2.0 features including Ethernet (HEC) and Audio Return Channel (ARC).

  • One of the fastest HDMI connections available – perfect for premium desktop audio video setups.
  • Built using components that ensure the best HDMI 2.0 experience.
  • Buy with confidence –certified by HDMI Administrator Licensing, Inc.
  • Accommodates high bandwidth desktop setups.
  • Good choice for growing businesses implementing network switches.
  • Works with Kensington docking station deployments.

Product Specifications

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Video ports:
Maximum resolution :
4K 60Hz
Video Signal Type:
Period of Warranty:
Limited Lifetime Warranty