LD5400T Thunderbolt 3 Dock w/K-Fob™ Smart Lock

LD5400T Thunderbolt 3 Dock w/K-Fob™ Smart Lock

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Microsoft Surface with Kensington Lock
Microsoft Surface with Kensington Lock

Designed for Microsoft Surface

Kensington has worked with Microsoft engineers to develop a range of officially licensed Designed for Surface accessories. This ensures the highest quality, form, fit, and function with a Surface device, and a great user experience.


More Than a Badge

Kensington is proud to be part of the Designed for Surface (DFS) program. DFS products are designed in collaboration with Microsoft and must meet their rigorous standards to carry the DFS badge. Tests performed in Microsoft’s lab include compatibility with current and previous Surface devices, adequate heat dissipation, no interference with wireless communications or the Surface device itself, no impact on Surface charging, and much more.

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Built in Partnership

Because we work closely with Microsoft, we're able to gain a deep understanding of how Surface devices are used, and what their users want, like, and don't like. With those insights in mind, we can purpose-build the perfect accessories to Microsoft's — and our own — high standards.

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Optimized by Design

At Kensington, we strive to develop products that enable you to connect, protect, secure, and do more with your devices. This drive to exceed our own standards, coupled with Microsoft’s comprehensive Designed for Surface program standards, deliver exceptional DFS products that perfectly complement Surface devices.

Kensington, for All Your Surface Accessories

From locks, to cases, to docks, and more, we’ve got your Designed for Surface needs.

A Solution for any Surface

Find Surface solutions that are perfect for your needs.

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