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Price  $109.95
SKU: 64962


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  • Dome design complements iMac aesthetics
  • ClickSafe® lock secures with just one click—no keys and no fiddling
  • Ultra cable provides the highest level of security
  • Easy to position and assemble lock
  • Sleek, modern dome design securely attaches to iMac stand
  • Built-in cable management secures iMac accessories
  • Won’t interfere with iMac adjustability
  • Compatible with iMac models from 2010 through to 2020

Product Specifications

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  • Lock Management
  • Best For
    Desktop PCs
  • Features
    ClickSafe® Security Anchor
  • Lock Type
    Like Keyed
  • Screen Size
    21"/53.4cm, 27"/68.5cm
  • Access Type
    Individual Access
  • Engagement Type
  • Key Type
    Round Key
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