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An Accounting Firm Overcomes the Challenge of Technology Obsolescence with Kensington’s ProConcierge Program

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Case Study

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The accounting firm of Thomas, Judy & Tucker (TJT®) had standardized their IT environment on Dell™ laptops with Dell E-Port Replicators, which made connecting laptops to the network, monitors, and peripherals a quick and easy process. When Dell ended production of laptops compatible with port replicators, TJT needed a new docking solution. Stephen Register, a Senior Systems Engineer at TJT, participated in the Kensington ProConcierge Program to help him find the best docking station for his firm’s needs.

The Challenge 

Stephen needed new docking stations to replace the Dell port replicators. As Stephen explained, “We were basically facing technology obsolescence, and we had to move to something different. We needed similar functionality as the port replicators, and that was actually really hard to find.”

The critical requirement was for multi-monitor support. About half of TJT’s employees used three external monitors concurrently. The video connections available on each monitor varied, and the docking station had to support all of them.

The Solution

With hundreds of docking stations on the market, the first step was to narrow the field of options. To make this task easier, Stephen took advantage of the Kensington ProConcierge Program, a free service to help IT professionals identify the ideal docking solution for their organization.

“A Kensington Sales Engineer, Matt Sumner, gave me a call,” said Stephen. “We talked through the technical reasons why a particular product they had would meet my needs. It was a really great experience. Whenever I had a question, I could reach out to him.”

Matt recommended the Kensington SD4700P, a hybrid universal docking station compatible with any laptop that has either a USB-C or USB 3.0 (USB-A) port. Built with DisplayPort++ (1) and HDMI (1) video connections, the SD4700P could drive 2 additional monitors standard. Adding the Kensington USB 3.0 Multi-Display Adapter to the solution created greater flexibility for Stephen, enabling the connection of a third monitor when needed.

As part of the ProConcierge Program, Matt sent Stephen a complimentary unit to evaluate, along with the adapter and cables needed, and a wiring diagram. As Stephen explained, “I set it up at one of our desks to test it. We liked it enough that we went ahead and started buying some in a small scale to see how it would play out.” Delighted with the outcome, TJT ultimately implemented over 50 additional units.

The Results

One particular product feature that Stephen appreciated was the cable that connected the docking station to a user’s laptop. TJT’s older Dell laptops only had USB-A ports. The supplied cable had connectors both for USB-A and USB-C, enabling the older laptops -- and any newer models -- to connect using the same cable.

SD4700P docking station connected to laptop

The combination of hybrid connector support and a universal docking station enabled new possibilities. For example, some TJT employees now have laptops from other brands, and the SD4700P is able to accommodate them. As Stephen explained, “These new docking stations are a lot more versatile than the old port replicators. Now, anybody who has any kind of laptop, whether they have Thunderbolt or USB-A, can use the dock.”

“The SD4700P met our technical requirements very well...I’ve been really impressed and I think this is the right product to move forward with.” - Stephen Register, Senior Systems Engineer at TJT

Another supported use case is “hot desking,” where employees can plug in their laptop at any available desk and get to work. Stephen noted that, “With this upcoming tax season, we’re about to be hot desking on a scale that we never have before, thanks to the flexibility offered by the Kensington docks.”

Stephen said that participating in the ProConcierge Program was instrumental to solving his firm’s challenge. As he explained, “I think the Program was perfect. It’s more than any other company had offered. I haven’t seen anyone else give you direct access to an engineer who knows what goes on under the hood of the product, and be willing to send you a no-obligation, free product for you to evaluate and not have to return. I would certainly use ProConcierge again.”

Stephen’s advice for other companies looking for a docking station? “I would definitely suggest that they reach out to ProConcierge and get a product recommendation.”

“With this upcoming tax season, we’re about to be hot desking on a scale that we never have before, thanks to the flexibility offered by the Kensington docks.” - Stephen Register, Senior Systems Engineer at TJT