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Maximizing Your Video Conferencing Experience with Keyboard Conference Keys

Desktop with dual monitors and professional video conferencing equipment from Kensington plus the new MK7500F QuietType mechanical keyboard.

Utilizing Keyboard Conference Keys to Maximize Your Video Conferencing Experience

As video conferencing continues to play an increasingly important role in both our professional and personal lives, it is crucial to optimize this experience to enhance its efficiency. An effective method of achieving this is through the utilization of conference keys on your keyboard. These dedicated keys allow you to manage various aspects of your video conferencing setup, including muting and unmuting your audio, toggling your camera on and off, and efficiently accepting or terminating calls. This article explores the advantages of utilizing dedicated conference keys to empower you to take complete control of your video conferencing experience and improve your productivity.

Understanding the Power of Conference Keys

Conference keys are specialized keys found on select computer keyboards that are designed to improve your video conferencing experience. These keys can be used to control various aspects of a video conference, such as muting and unmuting audio, toggling a camera on and off, and answering or ending calls. The benefits of using conference keys are numerous. Firstly, they allow users to manage their audio and video settings quickly and easily, which helps to minimize disruptions during a call. Secondly, they help to reduce the time it takes to perform these tasks, allowing users to focus on the content of the call. Lastly, conference keys help to increase productivity by streamlining the video conferencing experience, which can ultimately lead to better outcomes for businesses and professionals alike.Bottom of Form

Kensington has multiple keyboards that include video conferencing keys, like the MK7500F QuietType™ Pro Silent Mechanical Keyboard with Meeting Controls or the Pro Fit® Ergo KB675 EQ TKL Rechargeable Keyboard to help professionals get the most from both their typing and video conferencing experience.  Used in conjunction with Kensington Konnect™ for Keyboards software, the MK7500F and KB675 TKL helps users take command of their video conferencing presence, increase productivity, and reduce frustrations associated with searching for onscreen video conferencing controls.

Close-up look at the video call handling keys on Kensington's new mechanical keyboard .

Mastering Video Conferencing Keys

Learning to use conference keys effectively is a valuable skill for professionals who frequently participate in video conferencing—and potentially reduce the all-too-familiar embarrassing work-from-home scenarios we’ve all encountered during recent years.  If your keyboard has built-in conference keys, the user manual will contain detailed information on how to use each conference key and the functions they perform. Additionally, you can practice using the keys during video calls with colleagues or friends to help you become more comfortable and proficient with their operation. Let’s discuss the most common built-in meeting control keys and their benefits:

Muting and Unmuting Audio

The mute and unmute keys are typically represented by a microphone icon. The mute key is particularly useful in situations where background noise or interruptions may be a concern. By muting your audio, you can prevent distractions from being transmitted to other participants, thereby improving the overall quality of the call. Similarly, the unmute key allows you to quickly re-engage in the conversation when you have something to contribute, without having to navigate through menus or settings to do so. Overall, the mute and unmute keys are valuable tools that enhance the video conferencing experience by providing you with greater control and flexibility over your audio settings.

Toggling the Camera On and Off

The camera on and off keys are typically represented by a camera icon. These keys are designed to allow you to easily toggle your camera on and off during a video conference. The camera off key is particularly useful in situations where privacy considerations may be a concern, such as when you need to step away from the call or want to ensure that your video is not being recorded. Additionally, the camera off key can also be used to address convenience considerations, such as when you need to adjust your appearance or surroundings without being visible to other participants. By providing a quick and easy way to turn your camera on and off, these keys help to enhance the overall quality and comfort of the video conferencing experience.

Answering and Ending Calls

The answering and ending call keys on a keyboard are typically represented by a phone icon. The answering call key is usually indicated by a phone icon facing up, while the ending call key is represented by a phone icon that is facing down. These keys are designed to enable you to manage your calls quickly and easily during a video conference. The answering call key allows you to accept incoming calls with a single key press, without having to navigate through menus or settings to do so. Similarly, the ending call key allows you to quickly terminate a call when it is no longer needed. By providing you with a streamlined and efficient way to manage your calls, these keys help to enhance the communication experience and ensure that calls are managed in a timely and effective manner—contributing to seamless communication and improved productivity.

Keyboard Customization Software

Keyboard customization software is designed to enable users to customize the functions of their keyboard keys and optimize their keyboard usage experience. Popular customization software options include programs such as AutoHotkey, SharpKeys, and KeyTweak.  Kensington created the intuitive and user-friendly Kensington Konnect™ for Keyboards customization software to support the needs of professionals our video conferencing shortcut keyboards like the MK7500F or the KB675 TKL. These programs allow you to remap your keyboard keys to perform different functions, such as assigning specific functions to conference keys or creating shortcuts for frequently used programs. In addition, customization software, like Kensington Konnect™ for Keyboards, also allows you to create macros (which automate a series of keystrokes or commands), adjust key mappings, manage profiles, and more.  By using keyboard customization software, you can tailor your keyboard usage to suit your unique needs and preferences, which can help to improve your efficiency and productivity.

Integrating Conference Keys with Video Conferencing Platforms

Integrating conference keys with popular video conferencing platform is a valuable way to streamline your video conferencing experience and enhance your productivity. The specific steps for integrating conference keys will depend on the platform being used, but in general, the process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Ensure that your keyboard is properly connected to your computer and that the conference keys are recognized by your operating system.
  2. Launch the video conferencing platform that you will be using.
  3. Navigate to the settings or preferences menu within the platform.
  4. Look for an option to customize keyboard shortcuts or assign functions to specific keys.
  5. Locate the conference keys on your keyboard and assign the desired functions to them, such as muting and unmuting audio, toggling the camera on and off, and answering or ending calls.
  6. Save your changes and exit the settings menu.

Some popular video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, also provide built-in support for conference keys, which can simplify the integration process. In these cases, you can simply enable the conference key settings within the platform and start using them right away.


By harnessing the power of conference keys, you can take control of your video conferencing setup and streamline your communication experience. From muting and unmuting audio to managing calls seamlessly, these dedicated meeting controls offer convenience and efficiency.

Woman having a video call with Kensington's professional video conferencing equipment and the new MK7500F QuietType™ Mechanical Keyboard on her desk.

For those exploring keyboards with conference keys check out the difference between the MK7500F QuietType™ Pro Silent Mechanical Keyboard with Meeting Controls and the Pro Fit® Ergo KB675 EQ TKL Rechargeable Keyboard. Both were designed for modern professionals and offers everything you need in a professional and comfortable keyboard.

MK7500F QuietType™ Pro Silent Mechanical Keyboard with Meeting Controls

  • Responsive keys, a quiet typing experience, and n-key roll over (NKRO)
  • Universal compatibility for Windows and macOS
  • Kailh Midnight Pro Silent Tactile switches with sound dampening pads
  • Connects via Bluetooth®, or included 2.4GHz USB receiver, or included USB-A cable
  • 128-bit AES government-grade encryption security
  • Ergonomic design supports all-day typing comfort
  • Built-in meeting controls for video conferencing
  • Customizable keys to support workflow
  • White backlight for easy key identification in low light settings
  • IPX4 spill-proof design protects against accidents
  • Includes washable silicon dust cover
  • Three-year limited warranty

Pro Fit® Ergo KB675 EQ TKL Rechargeable Keyboard

  • Ergonomic design supports optimal hand and wrist positioning for all-day comfort.
  • Supports up to three devices—two via Bluetooth® connections and one via the 2.4GHz USB receiver.
  • Windows and macOS compatible.
  • Swift Pair Technology reduces pairing hassles and simplifies Bluetooth® connection for Windows devices.
  • Includes video conferencing keys and RGB indicators for connection status, caps lock, and battery life.
  • Customizable keys allow you to create macros, adjust key mappings, manage profiles, and more.
  • The outer casing and keycaps composed of 65% post-consumer recycled content (PCR).
  • Includes 3-year limited warranty.
home office setup featuring a desk with a large monitor displaying a blue abstract design, a laptop mounted on a stand, and a variety of office accessories. The desk includes a wireless keyboard, mouse and a pair of headphones.

Whether you’re working in a professional or personal setting, it’s time to take your video conferencing to the next level with the power of video conferencing keys.

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