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Kensington Konnect™: Enhancing Productivity via Powerful Software

Choose Kensington Konnect™ for Webcams or Kensington Konnect™ for Keyboards to maximize your experience. Our unified software experience simplifies your connections, so you will spend more time presenting and less time troubleshooting. It is a software ecosystem simple enough to accommodate everyday users – and powerful enough to support mass business deployments.

Kensington Konnect™ Supports a Professional Video Conferencing Experience

When different products feel familiar, effortlessly work together, and can be personalized with the click of a button, more work gets done. At Kensington, we aim to make your video conferencing experience simple and cohesive, so your experience is powerful, professional, and personal. Kensington Konnect™ is the foundation for an ever-growing software ecosystem created to ensure a Professional Video Conferencing experience.

Woman presenting while looking at Kensington webcam

Kensington Konnect™ for Webcams

Webcams should easily adjust to meet your needs. Kensington Konnect™ for Webcams provides intuitive customization options for a personal experience—all at the click of a button. Kensington Konnect™ presents you, only better.

Kensington Konnect™ for Keyboards

Keyboards should be customizable to enhance your productivity. Use Kensington Konnect™ software to customize meeting controls for video conferencing, program keys, create macros, adjust key mappings, manage profiles, and more—all at the click of a button.

Kensington Konnect™ Main Features

Kensington Konnect™ supports a professional video conferencing experience because it simplifies the user experience.

  • Cohesive software effortlessly simplifies connections, so you spend more time being productive.
  • One-click webcam customization options help you look your best in any room.
  • Powerful keyboard customization options allow you to assign multi-step tasks to dedicated keys.

Kensington Konnect™ provides professional features that are easy enough for everyday users and powerful enough to support mass business deployments. Harness the power of a unified video conferencing setup with Kensington Konnect™.


Download Kensington Konnect™ Software

Ready to elevate your professional video conferencing experience? Download Kensington Konnect™ today! Kensington Konnect™ is compatible with macOS and Windows. See below for download options and additional system compatibility information.

Kensington Konnect™ for Windows

Windows 10 or above

Download for Windows
Windows Release Notes

Kensington Konnect™ for macOS

macOS 10.15.4 or above

Download for macOS
macOS Release Notes

Kensington Konnect™ Keyboards for Windows

Windows 10 or above

Download for Windows

Kensington Konnect™ Keyboards for macOS

macOS 11.6 or above

Download for macOS

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