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5 Steps to a New Year, New You in 2020

Man talking on a cell phone, taking notes, and sitting in front of a laptop

You want to make fruitful New Year resolutions but the problem is you work a lot. In fact, a 2019 report from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found the average American works 8.5 hours each weekday and 5.4 hours each weekend day.

How can you make healthy changes when you’re always at work?

Improving your health starts with simple behavior changes, and a few ergonomic improvements in your office set-up goes a long way. You can’t always get out for a hike or hit the gym, but you can promote more movement and engagement with some minor adjustments.

Kensington is dedicated to creating healthier lifestyles at work through ergonomics. Try these solutions to jumpstart your new year, new you right now.

1. Place Your Monitor at Eye Level

Start your journey into the new year by improving your posture. You can achieve this by raising your monitor to eye level. This eases the tension in your neck, shoulders, and back while reducing eye strain, when placed a full arm’s length away. Of course, plain monitor stands are so 2019.

A desktop computer on top of a WellView™ monitor stand

In this regard, Kensington’s WellView™ family of monitor stands are a breath of fresh air in a stale market. Not only are they recognized by the ErgoExpo as great ergonomic innovation, but they also provide a comfortable atmosphere in your personal workspace.

The CoolView™ Wellness Monitor Stand includes a desk fan to help with air circulation and cooling. FreshView™ provides a 3-in-1 air purification system that includes activated carbon, HEPA 11, and a pre-filter for up to 2000 hours of clean air. WarmView™ includes a 250W ceramic heater capable of warming up to 12 square feet of desk space.

Best of all, you can switch out all three with any of the WellView™ monitor stands to adapt your workspace to the seasons. With Kensington in your office set-up, you’ll never find yourself sweating the details or left out in the cold.

2. Keep Your Keyboard/Mouse at Lap Level

Once you have your neck and back aligned, it’s time to get your wrists and arms into shape. For this, you’ll need a keyboard drawer underneath your desk for simple behavior changes that improve circulation in your arms and hands.

When your arms are at rest, your elbows are near your waist. Keeping your keyboard and mouse near lap level keeps your shoulders at rest, your arms at a comfortable 90-degree bend, and your wrists straight. This prevents your veins or arteries from being bent or kinked to prevent blood circulation in your body.

A keyboard platform promotes healthy changes at work.

Person installing a Kensington SmartFit® Clamp-On Keyboard Drawer

Kensington’s SmartFit® Clamp-On Keyboard Drawer is a sturdy addition to any desk up to 1.5 inches without damaging the surface. Its smooth-rail platform accommodates any keyboard and mouse/trackball setup. The SmartFit® design provides maximum comfort for any size.

The Modular Platform with SmartFit® is a more permanent solution with three platforms to fit any size desk. Its adjustable keyboard arm has a full 360-degree rotation and a 15-degree tilt. The color-coded window fits your SmartFit® comfort color with ease.

Choose a keyboard platform that fits your lifestyle and adjust it to fit your body. Those are healthy changes to conform your office set-up to your New Year resolutions.

3. Lean into Your Chair for Support

A chair with a Kensington SmartFit® Conform™ Back Rest attached

Back pain is one of the most common problems you face as an adult. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke reports 80% of adults experience lower back pain in their lives. It’s the most common cause of workers disability claims and off days.

Your office set-up needs back support to start improving your health. Kensington’s SmartFit® Conform™ Back Rest easily adjusts to your SmartFit® comfort color for maximum spinal and lumbar support in your office chair. Four independent springs conform to your body to increase touchpoints and move along with you.

You won’t need to worry about sweating with all that articulation. Heat is dissipated through the ventilated, washable, mesh support.

4. Elevate Your Feet

Improving your health means ergonomic improvements should have you covered from head to toe. Your feet are just as important as your hands, and, like your wrists, your ankles need proper support and angling to provide optimal blood circulation.

A Kensington SmartFit® SoleMate™ Pro Ergonomic Foot Rest

Kensington’s SmartFit® SoleMate™ Pro Ergonomic Foot Rest is ergonomist approved for healthy changes in your office set-up. It’s height adjustable to your comfort and easily tilted to the perfect angle for your feet. A locking foot pedal means you don’t have to crawl under your desk to adjust it. You can still crawl under your desk when the team lead Karen is patrolling the aisles looking for someone to work overtime. While you’re under there, you can spot clean the wide, anti-slip top with a little warm water and a tissue.

Then get back up as soon as Karen’s gone and relax in your SmartFit®-optimized workstation. In fact, let’s complete the New Year resolutions with even more movement, now that your heart is pumping from dodging that bullet.

5. Move More!

Just because you’re stuck in an office doesn’t mean you can’t put in some activity with your fitness apps. Simple behavior changes for improving health should include at least a minute or two of office stretches or yoga every hour you’re working.

It’s important to get at least 30 minutes of daily exercise for optimal health, something that is easier than you think. Here are a few tips from the experts:

  • Stand Up and Sit Down – You’re not wrong; getting up every morning is putting your body to work. Implementing this simple behavior change while you work (about two to three times every 30 minutes should do) keeps your muscles moving, your heart rate active, and makes you more alert in the office.
  • Loosen Up with Calisthenics – Calisthenics loosen stiff joints and help counter the negative impacts of repetitive motions. Making air circles with your arms (10 each forward and backward) and a few upper body twists are a great way to spend a couple of minutes at the beginning, middle, and end of your day.
  • Try Office Yoga – Yoga is more than just some new-age fad. Many yoga poses are ideal for an office workstation. Try a standing thigh stretch or one of Kino MacGregor’s recommended stress relief yoga breaks instead of a smoke break.

Download the Kensington Stretch Guide

Start Now

The best tip you’ll ever get about staying true to your New Year resolutions is to start now. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start improving your health. Simple behavior changes and ergonomic improvements in your office set-up go a long way toward a happier, healthier you.

Don’t wait to make positive, healthy changes in your life. Contact Kensington to improve your office workstation today.