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WFH like a Pro

With the right mindset, habits, and tools, working from home works.

Working from home has its perks.


Positive societal impact, decreased commute time, and employee satisfaction are a few of the benefits companies and remote workers are feeling as the work from home trend continues. An IBM survey conducted in April 2020 found that 75% of 25,000 adults polled would like the option to work from home occasionally and 54% would like to work from home primarily. But alongside the clear benefits, there are common WFH challenges, like decreased employee productivity and fatigue. Setting up a high-quality work environment at home is key to setting remote workers up for success.

Responsible for getting your organization’s workforce setup for WFH success? We’re here to help.

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Fewer than one-third of digital workers will select the corporate office as their preferred place to work. – Gartner

Keys to Setting up a Home Office

1. Dedicate a Workspace.

Pick a space that can preferably be closed off from distractions, has good natural light, and that can be dedicated to just work.

2. Make sure it’s comfortable.

Working from home can mean long periods of sitting. For long term health and better mental clarity, improving the ergonomics of a workspace can make a big difference. If you feel better, you’ll work better.

3. Invest to keep you productive.

Think about the technology you use when you are working from the company office that makes you productive. Multiple monitors, an external keyboard and mouse, as well as a docking station to connect them all, can vastly improve efficiency.

Connecting Additional Monitors & Accessories



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Mobile Docks for Home & On the Go

For those working from home as well as on the go, having the ideal docking station to keep you productive is essential. Mobile docking stations are a great choice for people who are connecting to a single monitor, a few accessories and desire a portable solution.

SD4800P on white background

Desktop Dock for Ultimate Connectivity & 4K Support

When looking for the best desktop docking station for your home office, you need a solution that provides you with all the power you need to support up to dual 4k monitors, laptop and device charging, connections for all of your desktop accessories and more.

Navigating with Ease


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Improving Posture, Comfort, & Circulation


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It doesn't matter where you are working, it's important to stay active and healthy. Kensington has compiled easy movements to stretch at your desk, no special equipment needed, to keep you feeling your best.


Download Free Stretch Guide

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