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One-Touch. Many Possibilities.

Your monitor where you need it.

Why Use a Monitor Arm?



Monitor arms are one of many ergonomic desk accessories that are trending in offices of all kinds. They have become widely popular for their support of healthier, more comfortable posture, greater productivity and their ease of adjustability.

Effortless adjustment of the monitor’s height, depth, and angle unlocked by a monitor arm enables the user to find personal comfort and optimise their productivity.

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Monitor Arms for a More Ergonomic Posture

We observed 335 computer users1 in their natural working state in order to find any correlation between workstation setup and posture. Individuals who used a monitor arm naturally adopted a more ergonomic posture.


of users demonstrated a decrease in degrees of neck flexion



demonstrated a decrease in degrees of neck protraction



demonstrated a decrease in degrees of trunk flexion


1. Is a Monitor Arm Worth the Investment? Kensington White Paper, August 2019

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Features and Benefits



The Kensington SmartFit® One-Touch Range


Improve posture, promote proper eye alignment and support neck and shoulder comfort. Ergonomically designed to promote wellness and increase productivity, Kensington’s patented SmartFit® technology to simplify proper fit and allows users to adjust the height, depth and angle of their monitor for individualised comfort.


Single Arm - K55470EU

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Dual Arm - K55471EU

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The SmartFit® Advantage



Kensington’s One-Touch Height Adjustable Monitor Arms incorporate our patented SmartFit® technology. SmartFit® allows users to find their own optimal ergonomic height setting, without the need for specialist tools or assessment.


Each Kensington SmartFit® product comes with a colour-coded handchart



Determine your SmartFit® colour by measuring your own hand against the handchart



Match the SmartFit® colour-coded adjustment to your own SmartFit® colour for the optimal monitor position

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Also available - Kensington Privacy Screen Filters

Reduce the risk of unwittingly sharing confidential data with an unwanted viewer. Available for over 52,000 devices including monitors

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