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Laptop Desk Set-Up: 7 Accessories for a Minimalist Workspace

  • October 23, 2018

minimalist desk setup docking station on desk

If you want a clean, minimalist and organized monitor or laptop desk set-up, you’re probably going to need some of these accessories:

  1. Universal Laptop Docking Stations
  2. Wireless Keyboards and Mice
  3. Copyholders
  4. Trackballs
  5. Day-Timer Planners and Organizers
  6. Whiteboards
  7. Dual Monitor Solutions

Every company boasts a unique list of assets.

However, one commodity has always been more precious than the rest: time.

Once it’s spent, you can never get it back. Furthermore, any competitor that has discovered how to spend their time better than your company does so at a significant advantage.

That’s why it’s vital that you invest in making the most of how your staff spends their time with accessories like universal laptop docking stations.


  1. The Case for Minimalism in the Workplace
  2. Does a Clear Desk Lead to a Clearer Mind?
  3. Accessories for a Minimalist Desk Set-Up
    1. Keyboards and Mice
    2. Copyholders
    3. Trackballs
    4. Day-Timer Planners and Organizers
    5. Whiteboards
    6. Dual Monitor Solutions
  4. The 3 Benefits of Universal Laptop Docking Stations
    1. Minimal Setup Times
    2. Greater Capabilities
    3. Support Expanding Workplace Needs
  5. The 3 Best Universal Laptop Docking Stations on the Market

The Case for Minimalism in the Workplace

If your office is like most, order is the goal, but chaos tends to be the standard.

You simply can’t predict everything that’s going to happen in a given day, which is exactly why you need to make every effort to control the factors that you can.

This is why minimalism in the office is catching on all across the country.

Rejecting conventional office design trends for streamlined approaches gives your staff less to worry about throughout the day. They have their essentials and they have their goals. Everything else is a distraction.

Does a Clear Desk Lead to a Clearer Mind?

 minimalist computer desk

Another way of appreciating the benefits of minimalism in the office is by considering the Broken Window Theory.

The roots of this theory stretch all the way back to 1969 and Stanford psychologist Philip Zimbardo. However, the far more popular version was introduced in 1982 by criminologists James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling who documented their experiment in an article for the Atlantic. 

In short, the results suggest that people’s behaviors will conform to the nature of the environment around them. Therefore, people are more likely to commit crimes in neighborhoods that have already seen a lot of crime: graffiti, broken windows, etc.

As Kelling puts it, "The idea [is] that once disorder begins, it doesn't matter what the neighborhood is, things can begin to get out of control."

On the other hand, in a pristine, ordered environment, people are more likely to behave in a manner that will conform to these surroundings. 

Does that mean a messy cubicle leads to criminal behavior?

No, but it can lead to more messy behaviors – leaving papers disorganized, allowing clutter to spread, letting cables roam wild. None of these will lead to a focused workforce that is able to regularly reach ambitious goals.

Accessories for a Minimalist Desk Set-Up

As you’re about to see, introducing minimalism to your workspace doesn’t mean everyone needs to carry on like monks.

Instead, it’s about getting rid of clutter, so you can better leverage devices that promote efficiency.

1. Keyboards and Mice

All workstations need keyboards and mice, but these days, there are countless options that don’t require cumbersome cords. They’re easy to move to new workstations and, no matter where you’re working, they make for a tidy area.

2. Copyholders

Typing can be difficult when you need to continuously reference a document. Nothing slows you down like having to stop, so you can lean over and look at the document again. This type of situation can also be extremely hard on your body. Constantly craning your neck day-after-day can even lead to an injury.

That’s why copyholders are such an essential office accessory. There are all kinds of options depending on your office setup, but the one thing they all have in common is that they hold your copy in place wherever it’s most comfortable to reference.

In terms of minimalism, you will be able to keep all of your important documents in one place while making for a more efficient workday.

3. Trackballs

 assorted Kensington trackball mouses

If you need to make the most out of a limited workstation, trackballs are worth considering. Once again, you can pick one without a cord, but the real advantage to using one of these is that you don’t need to move them all over like you do with a mouse. 

4. Day-Timer Planners and Organizers

You can’t have an efficient day without first meticulously planning it out to the last detail. Nowadays, many people try to do this on their phones, but the small screens and keypads often make this more trouble than it’s worth.

This is why so many people are returning to the reliability of planner-organizer sets. They offer plenty of space, which means you can include all the details you want about your day. At the same time, they’re extremely easy to carry around, making them just as mobile. So, you can keep it nearby on your desk without worrying about unnecessary clutter.

5. Whiteboards

Taking notes throughout the day is part of working in an office. Unfortunately, this often leads to countless pieces of paper lying around various co-worker’s desks and sticking to the border of computer monitors. These are easy to miss or even lose – not exactly the trait you want in your important notes. That kind of mess definitely isn’t minimalistic, either.

Try out a whiteboard instead. There are all kinds of options – including a smaller version that can sit right in front of your keyboard – making it the perfect solution for any workspace. At the end of your day, just erase the notes you no longer need and you’re all ready for tomorrow.

6. Dual Monitor Solutions

Want to increase your productivity by 20 to 30%? Then you need the advantage of a second screen, which is available through dual monitor mounts. You can even combine dual monitors with a standing desk setup.

The 3 Benefits of Universal Laptop Docking Stations

Universal docking stations are office accessories that deserve their own section.

If you’re unfamiliar with a universal laptop docking station, it transforms your computer’s USB or Thunderbolt 3 port into a docking station connector. In short, this means you can support all kinds of display outputs, audio, ethernet and other USB peripherals with just a single cable.

Here are three reasons your company should invest in universal laptop docking stations to enjoy the many benefits of office minimalism.

1. Minimal Setup Times

Have you ever been to a meeting where someone needs to log in and download a file for their presentation?

Sometimes, this takes five minutes. A lot of times, it takes much longer.

We’ll touch on remote workers and hot-desk employees in a moment, but suffice to say, more and more people need to bring their laptops with them to new environments – either to new sites or just elsewhere in the office.

Thanks to universal laptop docking stations, these workers can even connect to multiple screens – with the help of the aforementioned dual monitors – without wasting time on setup or creating broken-window-worthy clutter.

2. Greater Capabilities

Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean achieving less. In fact, often times, it refers to reaping greater, more important benefits without doing as much work as it once involved.

This is what universal laptop docking stations were designed to do. Instead of constantly connecting and disconnecting all the devices at their desktop– which would involve the inflated setup times we just covered – a staff member can basically bring their office wherever they go.

As long as they have their laptop and a docking station, their capacities are nearly limitless.

3. Support Expanding Workplace Needs

Similarly, adopting a minimalist mindset for your office doesn’t mean you have to standardize on a single Operating System or laptop manufacturer. As time goes on, your needs will most likely evolve, and universal docking stations can support your diverse environment now and well into the future.

One prime example of this is how many offices are adopting hot-desk setups, whereby employees don’t have assigned seating. They can choose where to sit based on that day’s goals (e.g. nearby collaborators).

Furthermore, universal laptop docking stations are easier for remote workers who may need to visit the office or third-party locations. Depending on their environment, their needs may change drastically and universal docking stations can help elevate the stress of long setup times and incompatibility.

The 3 Best Universal Laptop Docking Stations on the Market

 Laptop connected to a projector with a docking station

Three universal laptop docking stations that will offer you all of the above benefits – plus some very specific ones depending on your unique needs – are as follows:

Use Universal Laptop Docking Stations and Other Accessories to Enjoy the Benefits of Office Minimalism

Is time a shrinking commodity in your office?

Are “broken windows” stifling your workforce potential?

Then it’s time to invest in universal laptop docking stations and other technology that will help your staff stay focused, save time, and do their best possible work.