SD4849Pv USB-C Triple Video Dock

SD4849Pv USB-C Triple Video Dock


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VeriMark™ Windows 10 Setup

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To obtain the manual driver for VeriMark™ (67977), please click here.

If you are having issues with the driver for VeriMark™ IT (64704) installing automatically, please click here.

Windows 10 Fingerprint Registration


Step 1

Please make sure the driver has been installed via Windows update; Select and click the START icon and select Settings


Step 2



Step 3

Click on the SIGN-IN OPTIONS tab and click the SET UP button on the Windows Hello Fingerprint option. (Make sure you already have local Windows accounts and have already set a password and PIN number!)


Step 4



Step 5

Enter your PIN number


Step 6

Place and lift your finger on the
VeriMark™ Fingerprint Key


Step 7

Click ADD ANOTHER if you want to repeat the process with another finger, or CLOSE the program. You’re all set! You have finished the fingerprint registration process. You may now begin using your fingerprint login for Windows 10 accounts.