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Manually Installing the VeriMark™ IT Driver



  • In most instances, the driver for VeriMark IT will automatically install when VeriMark IT is connected to a USB-A port on your computer.
  • If for some reason the driver does not install upon VeriMark IT being connected to your computer (VeriMark IT is shown as “Unknown Device” within Device Manager), you can manually install the driver following the below steps.
    • The reason why the driver didn’t automatically install can vary; most often it is due to either a restriction by your IT group, or your computer being unable to connect to Windows server.
  • While the instructions below leverage screen shots from Windows 7, the following procedures work for Windows 10 as well.


Step 1

First, download the driver to your computer.

VeriMark IT Driver



Step 2

Once the file has downloaded to your computer, navigate to where you saved it and right-click the zipped file.


Step 3

Select “Extract Files” and select your computer’s desktop as the destination.


Step 4

If the VeriMark IT reader is not connected to the computer, please connect it now to an open USB-A port.


Step 5

Navigate to Device Manager.

• (Windows 10) Right-click the “Windows Button” and select “Device Manager” Setup Step 1.png




• (Windows 7) Navigate to Start --> Search --> Type “Device Manager” and then click on “Device Manager”



Setup Step 3.png


Step 6

From here, you can confirm that VeriMark IT is displaying as an “Unknown Device”.


Setup Step 4.png

Step 7

Using your mouse, right-click on “Unknown Device” from within the Device Manager window.



Step 8

Select “Update Driver Software…”.


Setup Step 5.png


Step 9

Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.


Setup Step 6.png

Step 10

Scroll down and select the “VeriMark IT Driver” folder.


Setup Step 7.png

Step 11

Once selected, click “OK”.


Setup Step 8.png

Step 12

Now that the folder containing the driver is selected, click “Next” and follow the prompts to finish the install process.


Setup Step 9.png

Step 13

Once the driver has been successfully installed, it should appear as follows within Device Manager.


Setup Step 10.png

Step 14

With the driver installed, you can now proceed to registering your fingerprint(s).

• For a step-by-step walk-through on how this is done,

Click Here


Step 15

If you already know how to register your fingerprint(s) and wish to proceed to setting up Windows Hello for Business,

Click Here



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