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Data Protection, Privacy & Security Solutions

From physical device locks, to privacy screens, to fingerprint-based authentication keys, to paper shredders, Kensington has you covered. Get started with this white paper on spotting the gaps in your data protection plan.

Why Kensington for Data Protection


Kensington’s comprehensive portfolio provides a range of security solutions that are tough, reliable, and easy to use. Since 1992, when Kensington first invented the laptop lock, our products have been the gold standard in lock and security solutions. Kensington supports your data protection at every turn, keeping your devices and information right where they belong.

On this page, you’ll find helpful tips, insights, infographics, videos, and blogs on the latest security standards.

  • Device Security
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Privacy Screens
  • Shredders
  • Port Blockers
Device Security Chevron Icon

Why Kensington for Device Security

To us, security is about more than saving your physical device from theft — it’s also about saving data from falling into the wrong hands, which could be far more costly than simply replacing the device. That’s why our innovative security solutions are tough, easy to use, and compatible with 90% of business devices.

As the pioneer of physical device protection, we have never stopped innovating. We offer custom keyed solutions that allow you to select the ideal level of control over your equipment, help employees safeguard against theft, and avoid downtime due to misplaced keys. Our 5mm Kensington Common Keying System enables businesses to leverage a single keying solution to securely manage all of their Kensington locks. Kensington’s Register & Retrieve™ Program makes lock management simpler and safer, offering individual accounts and instant access to support services.

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Woman speaking on phone

Need help finding the right laptop lock? Let us guide you with our product finder tool

Biometric Authentication Chevron Icon

Why Kensington for Biometric Authentication

Because physical features such as fingerprints are so difficult to forge, biometrics is a strong security solution.

Biometrics in the workplace can be part of a solid security protocol to allow access to internal systems, files, information, and data. Fingerprint scanners have become the preferred biometric authentication method for today’s computer systems. Kensington collaborated with the leader of biometric systems, Synaptics®, to develop our Match-in-Sensor™ and match-on-host technologies. Our offerings are available in USB-A and USB-C ports and integrate support for key applications from Microsoft, Google, and more.

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Person typing on laptop with trackball

Privacy Screens Chevron Icon

Why Kensington for Privacy Screens

As mobile working becomes more popular, so does the risk that confidential data may be exposed to unauthorized onlookers. Kensington privacy screens reduce the risk of exposing sensitive and valuable information to unwanted viewers. Whether you’re on the move or in the office, there is no need to change your usual working position to protect your data from prying eyes.

Easy to install, detach, and reattach, Kensington privacy screens limit viewing angles, reduce harmful blue light by up to 22%, ease eye strain, and diminish glare while helping protect your screen from scratches, dust, and smudges. And you can use your touch screen and stylus just as you would without one.

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Person typing on laptop

Shredders Chevron Icon

Why Kensington for Shredders

OfficeAssist™ shredders help make your office more secure and productive by protecting confidential business and personal data, as well as customer and client data. Since data breaches can occur from the careless disposal of printed paper containing confidential information, it’s a great way to help organizations to comply with privacy legislation and handle personal data carefully to avoid fines and legal action due to noncompliance.

With their cross-cut and micro-cut capabilities, large paper capacity, and auto-feed options, OfficeAssist manual-feed shredders feature long run times, anti-jam technology, quiet motors, and large bins. Time-saving auto-feed shredders allow you to load a stack of paper, lock it until shredding is complete, and walk away. Perfect for business and home office use, P-4 and P-5 security ratings make them ideal for shredding any sensitive and confidential documents.

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Person using Kensington paper shredder

Port Blockers Chevron Icon

Why Kensington for Port Blockers

Whatever your physical security needs might be, Kensington has a locking solution to meet them. To reduce the risk of data theft or malicious uploads, Kensington’s port blockers physically lock and block one or more ports from unauthorized access, stopping thieves before they start with a visible sign that you´re being protected.

Ranging from USB (A, B, and C) to SD to HDMI and more, no technical experience is necessary with our port blockers — simply plug into the port and push the button to physically protect valuable data without the complication, installation, maintenance, and upgrade costs of software.

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Man looking at computer


Find out more about protecting data in the workplace.


See how Kensington can make your office more secure and productive.

Electronic Device Security video

Electronic Device Security

Locking solutions for laptops, projectors, printers, and monitors.

Biometric Authentication video

Biometric Authentication

The latest industry standard for fast identity online (FIDO) for secure authentication.

Privacy Screens video

Privacy Screens

Easily install, detach, and reattach our privacy screens.

Shredders video


See which features and options are best for your business needs.


  • Do privacy screens block blue light?
  • Are privacy screens bad for your eyes?
  • What is a port blocker?
  • How to remove a USB blocker?
Do privacy screens block blue light? Chevron Icon

Yes. You’ll benefit from a 30% reduction in blue light filtered using a privacy filter.

Are privacy screens bad for your eyes? Chevron Icon

On the contrary! Reduction in blue light from the monitor and UV glare from the sun and other external lights relieves pressure on your eyes. With less harmful light hitting them, you squint less, and your eye muscles can relax. This helps you sleep better and prevents eye strain while you’re awake.

What is a port blocker? Chevron Icon

USB port blockers prevent unauthorized data transfer through USB ports, reducing the risk of data leakage, data theft, computer viruses and malware by physically locking and blocking the USB Ports. Just plug into the USB port and push the button to lock. No technical experience necessary.

How to remove a USB blocker? Chevron Icon

USB port blockers are used in high-risk environments to provide security to unused ports and ensure that no peripherals can be connected to those ports The USB blocker comes in a kit of a key tool and lock to cover the unused port to be protected. The correct key tool must be used to disengage the locking pins inside the key and remove it from the USB port.

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