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Simplifying Your Ergonomic Desk Setup

Ergonomic desk set up with wrist rest, laptop riser, monitor arm and footrest

Ergonomics is more than a buzzword for the next generation of office gear.  It’s about making your workspace fit you in ways that increase your efficiency and improve your comfort—so you can be more productive.  It’s the angle of your computer monitor, the height of your desk, the position of your shoulders, head, and wrists when performing repetitive tasks, and the freedom to adjust your setup so you can be as comfortable as possible throughout the day.  Ergonomics is the science of fitting your workspace to your needs, and it incorporates everything from desks, chairs, monitor stands, keyboards, wrist pads, footrests, backrests, mice, and more. 

Where Should I Start with an Ergonomic Desk Setup?

It’s easiest to start with products that are specifically designed to make your workspace more comfortable.  Ergonomic products are engineered with a holistic approach. They are crafted with the understanding that what is comfortable for someone who is 6’2” is quite different than what is comfortable for someone who is 5’3”. The key is to focus on products that are easily adjusted to fit your setup, workspace, and personal frame. Simple adjustments in your setup can improve posture to reduce neck, back, and shoulder pain, reduce eye strain, and reduce the impact of repetitive movements such as typing and scrolling.

Set up with a Kensington trackball wrist rest and laptop riser

What’s the Simplest Way to Choose the Right Ergonomic Products for Me?

Choosing the right products for your ergo workstation doesn’t have to be difficult. Kensington developed SmartFit®—a patented three-step color-coded system—to simplify the process of finding the right position for just about everything in an ergonomic desk setup. SmartFit® products are intuitive, adjust effortlessly without tools, and take the guesswork out of the positioning process.

What Specific Accessories are Recommended for the Ergonomic Desk Setup?

There is a plethora of ergonomic accessories available to improve your comfort. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  1. Use a monitor arm or stand to position your monitor at eye level. For laptops, a laptop riser is a convenient on-the-go solution.  Your screen should be at arm’s length and include a blue light filter to reduce eye strain.
  2. Position your keyboard close to your body, maintain a 90-degree bend in your elbows, and avoid resting your wrists on the desk. You can use a keyboard drawer and/or wrist rest to help maintain a comfortable position.
  3. For laptop setups, consider using an ergonomic keyboard and vertical mouse to help you maintain proper posture throughout the day. When using your mouse, move from the elbow and not the wrist.
  4. Lean into the support of your chair and keep your feet firmly planted with your knees at a 90-degree angle. If you find your chair uncomfortable or lacking support, support your lower back with a back rest and use a foot rest for additional comfort.
  5. Consider a sit/stand desk or workstation so you can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. The best posture is the next posture—so keep moving!

Recommended Kensington accesories for the Ergonomic Desk Setup

An ergonomic desk setup will promote your comfort by reducing pain and discomfort in your hands, arms, neck, back, and legs. SmartFit® makes ergonomics simple. Having ergonomic equipment is great, but if it’s not properly adjusted you won't experience the full benefits. SmartFit® products are simple to use, quickly adjustable, and provide a comfortable, personalized fit.

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