Stacja dokująca SD4839P, USB-C bez sterowników

Stacja dokująca SD4839P, USB-C bez sterowników

Konstrukcja 9 w 1 z czterema portami USB

Uniwersalna zgodność z Windows

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Three Nano Saver in movement.
Three Nano Saver in movement.

Motion and Animations

Motion gives the brand a fresh and lively look and feel. It adds interest and gives products a world to live in. Follow these key components and their guidelines to build strong Kensington visuals.

Motion and animations moodboard.
Motion and animations moodboard.

General Rules

General notes on designing animations
  • Use the Kensington color palette.
  • All Kensington logos used should be consistent with the Kensington logo guidelines.
  • For headlines and subheads, follow the Kensington brand guidelines for digital font usage.
  • Use the most recent Kensington Intro and Outro for consistency.
  • No URLs, unless needed for a CTA
  • Include global icon styles and sizes.

3D Product Animation

Hero animation example.

Hero animation

  • The animation should have a weightless and flowing feeling. Movement is accentuated by slow passes on the subject matter.
  • When objects “fly” into an area, they should do so with a leading edge, landing gently on their final position. They are slightly angled and rotate around their own axis until they arrive at their final position. The objects flying in are rendered with very slight motion blur for a more realistic movement.
  • The environment should feel very clean and light with a light grey background to help objects stand out. Include a third of the space at the top of the shot for the addition of title and text.
Hotspot panel example.

Hotspot panel

  • When the camera rotates around an object, the features/positions/etc. should always be shown at an angle.
  • There should not be too much depth of field - almost everything should be in focus.
  • On the assets for the hotspot panel, a focal length of 50-70 mm is the way to go because it feels more realistic to the human eye.

Video Specifications

Collage of different languages.


  • Ideally, music only or text on screen. No voiceover due to the global nature of our business. Music should be upbeat and aspirational, and evoke a business environment.
  • Languages for translation, if required: Dutch, UK English, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Polish.
Collage of models.


  • Polished models that represent the Kensington brand and are aspirational.
  • If using models, try to have them wear solid colors instead of clothes with distracting patterns.
  • The rules for clothing are the same as for lifestyle photography. Additionally, the models should avoid wearing black.
  • The talent must be dressed and ready when they arrive and bring at least five outfit selections including a belt, business socks, and three pairs of clean shoes as options. Well-manicured nails are a must.

Social Media Formats

For lifestyle videos, there should be a story with a beginning and an end. The Kensington brand always needs to be represented in a business professional format (whether office or vertical setting such as education or healthcare). All of the information in the video or animation needs to be the features/benefits as we know them to be true. Animations should not aim to cover all main features - only the most important points (five maximum). All aspects of the video or animation should follow the tone of the Kensington brand guidelines.

Kensington Brand Center

These guidelines are for anyone building Kensington marketing assets, so that we can ensure brand consistency and maintain a strong brand across all properties. Please email any issues to Kensington Global Marketing: