SD4842P USB-C Dock

SD4842P USB-C Dock

With 73% Recycled Plastic

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Wherever You Work, Work Like a Pro

The home office doesn’t have to come second to the workplace for employee wellbeing. Kensington provides solutions for happy, healthy and productive remote working.

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Today’s office…can be anywhere.

As more companies switch to work from home and flexible work environments, remote employees may be feeling the physical effects of their inadequate work set-ups. Aches and pains today could turn into long-lasting health problems and reduced efficiency tomorrow.

Having an ergonomic workstation has never been more important. Trust Kensington to help develop the right fit for every worker as part of our comprehensive work from home solutions.

Explore the benefits of workplace wellbeing
Desktop with Kensington laptop riser, keyboard, mouse, and HUB

Make the home office as healthy, productive and safe as the workplace.

Only Kensington offers work from home solutions to maximise wellbeing and productivity as well as keep data protected.

Why Kensington for remote work wellbeing?


It’s never been easier to set remote workers up for wellness.

Our patented SmartFit® system makes it easy for employees to adjust their workstation for optimal comfort. Allow every worker to create the most ergonomic environment for their body type in three simple steps.


Kensington helps you make existing home offices ergonomic and sub-optimal spaces better for health with just a few adjustments.

From adjustable laptop risers, monitor stands and monitor arms to foot rests, backrests and wrist rests that support posture and circulation; enable each employee to find the right fit for all-day comfort.

Desktop with Kensington docking station

Electronic devices emit blue light, leading to eye strain, migraines, and more.

Kensington’s blue light filters for monitors and laptop screens minimise workers’ daily dose of blue light, which has been shown to improve sleep and reduce headaches.


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Want to learn more about creating a comprehensive work from home strategy across wellbeing, productivity and data protection?

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Did you miss our Work From Home Wellbeing Webinar?

Rewatch our webinar where we explore the benefits of investing in the health and wellness of your remote employees with wellbeing experts Rory Morgan & Lisa Schuiteboer Shuler.

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Let’s talk about your organisation’s requirements for home office wellness.

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