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Staying Sharp in a Hybrid Working World: The Hub and Spoke Model

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The world is on the move and times are changing fast. The workplace of even five or ten years ago looks a lot different than that of today, as businesses rely more and more heavily on the internet. Don’t get us wrong, this is a very good thing – but it doesn’t come without challenges.

That’s where Kensington comes in. Discover the future of modern business, and see how we can keep you running with the big dogs in an increasingly digital world.

What is the Hub and Spoke Model?

Businesses like yours face a plethora of new challenges every single day, and many are struggling to adapt to this modern working world. Innovation comes fast and hard these days, and businesses that can’t keep up are having to throw in the towel. Sure, once upon a time, having a central headquarters for employees to come and work a 9-5 was the norm – but innovative business owners are rethinking the “office” with great results. It turns out, with the right tools, that one central office isn’t just unnecessary for a successful business, but it could even become a hindrance.

Enter the “hub and spoke” model.

The hub and spoke model started in the sky – airlines coined the term for their unique system of improved scheduling, moving people and planes for maximized efficiency. The idea was so brilliant, yet so simple, that other industries and businesses picked it up and ran with it. One headquarters or main office (the hub), and several smaller ports (the spokes) that feed into the main HQ.

Businesses have been turning to the hub and spoke model for some time now, but particularly in the past two years, as legions of employees opted to work from home amid certain global events (yes, the one you’re thinking of).

Why Hub and Spoke Works

The hub and spoke office model works because it moves as fast as you need it to, exactly when you need it to.

Hub and Spoke Gives You Access to a Huge Talent Pool

A diverse business is a thriving business! Businesses with higher diversity have the unique privilege of increased perspectives, as well as first-hand knowledge and awareness of issues, cultural norms, and expectations. You really get to understand your customers and their needs, which is particularly important for a business that’s trying to expand and integrate new customer demographics.

On top of that, we know that great ideas and great innovators can come from anywhere. Yes, your office might be in Chicago, but the perfect candidate with your next game-changer idea might live in Boise. Before and without hub and spoke, businesses were limited by their one central location. Candidates had to either live close enough already, or be willing to relocate, which isn’t feasible for everyone.

By setting up remote workplaces all across the country – if not the world – you aren’t limited by who happens to be in your backyard. This grows your talent pool to the ends of the earth and back.

Increase Your Business’s Reach and Mobility

When you’re in Cleveland and “open a port” in Spokane, your business has just expanded from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest. This means you can do business with greater ease throughout two regions. That translates to growth, which leads to more cash in hand. The hub and spoke model allows for manageable growth – it can match the pace you’ve already set, or take you several steps further than you thought you could go.

A Great Work/Life Balance for Employees Makes Hub and Spoke a Win-Win

The hub and spoke system allows remote office workers or hybrid workers the freedom and comfort of operating from their home or a convenient satellite office. You and your employees can still communicate as often and effectively (if not more so), all while being able pick up kids from school, take care of ailing parents, or just indulge their preference to see snow-capped mountains when they look out their back window, rather than a bustling city.

And of course, happy employees are the best employees! Giving people a great work/life balance decreases absences and improves productivity loyalty – not just from employees, but from customers too. Customers love a business that cares, and giving people a better life remotely will not go unnoticed.

Of Course, There are Challenges, Too…

Like any breakout innovation, the hub and spoke model can come with growing pains.

  • Creating a Cohesive Culture: It can be hard for hybrid and remote workers to really feel like part of the team without daily office visits, even more so when you’ve got spokes in different regions or even countries. How can they really feel like “we,” when they are all over the place?
  • Making a Home Office Feel Professional: Remote and hybrid workers are trying to have the best at-home setup they can, but that chipboard desk they used in college isn’t exactly making it easy.
  • Sourcing Equipment that Works for All: Everyone’s setup is different, and everyone has their own preferences. How can you cater to these workspaces that are as unique as your employees?

…but Kensington’s Hybrid Specialists Have Your Back

Kensington has already considered these problems, and has custom-tailored solutions to fit your needs. We firmly believe that workplace wellness is essential to successful business, and we take great pride in our focus on ergonomic solutions for your business. If you can name it, we’ve got it – from seat cushions and footrests to standing desks, monitor stands, and laptop risers.

Our hybrid specialists are here to help. They understand that your needs are unique, and your solutions need to be custom-fit for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re outfitting a shared space, sourcing devices and data, or just want to increase at-home productivity. We know you’re looking out for your employees, and we’re looking out for you.

Reach out to Kensington Hybrid Specialists today, and let’s get to work building a better office.