SD4842P Station d’accueil USB-C

SD4842P Station d’accueil USB-C

avec 73% de plastique recyclé

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Woman wearing a kensington headset.
Woman wearing a kensington headset.

Brand Promise

At Kensington, we identify areas where the modern workplace needs to be better, and craft professional-tier product solutions for organizations committed to inspiring their workforce to perform at its peak.

Collage of innovative Kensington products
Collage of innovative Kensington products

Brand Pillars

Designing prototype for Kensington mouse


Through meticulous research, design, and engineering, Kensington solutions meet the ever-changing performance and compatibility needs of today’s professional.

Home office with WellView monitor stand


The Kensington Engineering team has three decades of experience in high-volume manufacturing of hardware IT products. Rigorous test cycles and quality control means all products are tested above industry standards.

Woman providing customer support on phone


Kensington’s clients are around the world, and include companies large and small. Every customer is treated as a top-tier professional, no exceptions.


In addition to our core values, we have very high standards that we hold our product solutions to, which include security, protection, productivity, comfort, and convenience.

Security and protection showed with locking products

Security and protection

We provide proven, trusted solutions for physical security to keep assets and information secure. Rest assured.

  • #1 brand in locks for laptops and other devices
  • Industry-standard in securing assets and their sensitive data
  • Rugged designs protect mobile devices from damage with military-grade drop protection
  • Solutions for Enterprise, K-12, Healthcare, and more
Productivity, comfort, and convenience products on desk

Productivity, comfort, and convenience

We enhance everyday computing experiences through our wide range of solutions. Do more, easily and comfortably.

  • Market leader in docks, presenters, and trackballs
  • Professional-level desktop productivity solutions
  • Ergonomic solutions for employee well-being
  • Innovative multi-device compatibility

Kensington Brand Center

These guidelines are for anyone building Kensington marketing assets, so that we can ensure brand consistency and maintain a strong brand across all properties. Please email any issues to Kensington Global Marketing: