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Woman evaluating and testing Kensington products
Woman evaluating and testing Kensington products

Military Grade Protection

Kensington’s commitment to extending the life of your device begins before you open the package. We test our products to military standards so you can rest assured that your device will withstand more than you can throw at it—even on your toughest day in the office, in the field, or in the classroom.

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Performance You Can Trust

The U.S. Department of Defense uses aggressive testing standards called MIL-STD-810 to judge the durability and lifespan of equipment under varying forms of physical stress. Kensington uses these standards to protect and extend the life of your investments. MIL-STD-810 standards ensure products are compliant, safe, and fit for purpose. Kensington products honored with the MIL-STD-810 badge meet or exceed military standards—so you can trust they will withstand the expected and unexpected of everyday life.

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Woman wiping a kensington keyboard with a wet towel and wipe tested approved badge

Wipe Down Approved

MIL-STD 810H Method 504.3 Contamination by Fluids focuses on product degradation testing. There are several levels of exposure: occasional, intermittent, and extended contamination. For the occasional exposure, an item to be tested is exposed to contamination for five to ten minutes at ambient temperature, or at a temperature specific to real-world use. Intermittent exposure involves an item being continuously exposed to the contaminating fluids for eight hours and left to dry for 17 hours. For the extended contamination test, a product is exposed continuously for at least 24 hours. Kensington subjects the tested products to this level of exposure to determine whether they can be labeled with wipe down protection.

Wipe Down Approved Products
Kensington laptop cover protecting from a drop with drop test approved badge

Drop Test Approved

Trust Kensington to provide you with peace of mind when unexpected drops happen. Military standards MIL-STD-810G (Drop Test Certified) and MIL-STD- 810H (Shock Tested) use a testing process by which devices are dropped 26 times, from 4 feet in the air, on all sides, corners, and edges onto 2 inches of plywood on top of concrete. To pass this test, the device must remain intact and undamaged after each fall. Kensington products displaying the MIL-STD-810 drop-tested badge have either met or exceeded the military standards for drop protection.

Drop Test Approved Products

Built to Last.

Find MIL-STD tested and approved solutions that are perfect for your workforce.


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