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SKU: K55776WW

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Limited Viewing Angle

Narrows the field of vision on the monitor to +/- 30 degrees, helping you keep the information on your screen private, which is important when you're viewing confidential or sensitive information at your desktop.

Spring-Loaded Mount

Installs on the top of your flat-panel monitor, with adjustable springs so it can be extended to the edges for easy mounting.

Blue Light Reduction

Filters harmful rays by up to 30%, which is helpful as blue light has been shown to interrupt sleep patterns and even cause retinal damage.

Monitor screen proportions 4:3, 17" diagonal, Fits outside monitor dimension of 14.49" - 20.55" in width.

  • Narrows the viewing angle of your monitor to shield data from on-lookers
  • Top bracket secures screen to differently shaped flat panel monitors without hassle, adhesive or cumbersome frames
  • Hard-coated film protects sensitive screens from smudges and damage
  • Textured surface with light tint to reduce glare and improves contrast
  • Fits up to 17"/43.2cm flat panel monitors
  • Frame-free construction clings to screen and won´t obstruct controls or speakers

Product Specifications

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