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SKU: K39100WW
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Cost-effective upgrade

Less expensive alternative to purchasing USB-C docking stations when USB-C laptops are being rolled out in mixed technology environments.

Up to 95W power pass-through

Provides up to 95W of pass-through power to the USB-C laptop.

0.3m/1ft cable connection

Long enough to accommodate different desktop setups.

Simple setup

One driver and one dongle is all you need to make your USB-A dock accommodate a USB-C laptop.

Trusted compatibility

Trusted compatibility with Kensington USB-A DisplayLink docking stations.

Compact size

Easy to carry.

Industry-leading warranty

Trusted reliability.

The PD1000 USB-C 95W Power Delivery Dongle cost effectively upgrades your v DisplayLink docking station to support a USB-C laptop with up to 95W of power pass-through and data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps. It is a simple and effective solution compatible with all Kensington USB-A DisplayLink docking stations (SD3500v, SD3600 and SD3650). Trust Kensington to deliver solutions that extend the life of your technology investments. Connect with confidence knowing the PD1000 has been verified and tested to provide your Kensington universal docking station with the ability to power, charge and sync your USB-C laptop.

  • The PD1000 is a practical way to upgrade your USB-A DisplayLink docking station to support a USB-C laptop in mixed technology environments.
  • Provides your USB-C laptop with up to 95W of power pass-through via PD 3.0. The final Power Delivery output will depend on your laptop’s PD profile (up to 95W). USB-C power supply not included.
  • An ideal cable length to accommodate different desktop setups while reducing cable clutter.
  • To connect your USB-C laptop, install the latest DisplayLink driver on your laptop and make three connections – the laptop’s USB-C power supply and docking station’s host cable to the dongle, and then the dongle to your laptop.
  • Verified and tested to support up to 5Gbps data throughput and up to 95W of Power Delivery with all of Kensington’s USB-A DisplayLink docking stations (SD3500v, SD3600 andSD3650).
  • Easily fits into your backpack or laptop carrying case to allow you to connect your USB-C laptop to a USB-A docking station while hot-desking.
  • Connect with confidence knowing Kensington stands behind the PD1000 with a 3-year warranty.