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GDPR Compliance

Why Physical Security Matters

GDPR and Physical IT Security

GDPR requires organisations to apply sound security practices to electronic and paper-based data. Securing data against hacking and malware is top of mind for many organisations, however many fail to adequately address the physical security of IT hardware.


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The Cost of Non-Compliance


In January 2019, Google was fined €50 million by the French Data Regulator for a breach of GDPR guidelines concerning the way Google collected data and obtained consent.1

This is significant example of how an American (or any non-EU organisation) company can be fined by an EU regulator.

Breaches Are Happening Everywhere

As mobile working becomes more popular and the use of high-definition screens increases, so does the risk that confidential data may be accessed by unauthorised persons.

In November 2018, confidential data on 20,000 residents in Gladsaxe, Denmark, was taken from a computer that was stolen from the town’s city hall, risking a fine under GDPR.2


In August 2018, a laptop was stolen containing the unencrypted personal details of 37,000 customers of Eir, an Irish telecomms provider.3

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Breaches Are Happening In Every Industry


In the financial sector 25% of breaches are due to lost or stolen devices and are the most frequent cause of data leakage, being especially tempting targets because of the volume of sensitive data stored and used.4


Within healthcare physical theft or loss is the biggest cause of security incidents, accounting for 32% of over 100,000 incidents surveyed in 82 countries.5

 Privacy Begins on Screen

Facts About Data Breaches


of data breaches are caused by hacking, malware & physical device loss6

data records are lost or stolen every day7

of businesses have no physical security policy in place8

Overcoming Barriers to User Co-Operation

“We Operate in a Secure Environment”

This may be the case, but sensitive data can be visually hacked by any visitor or unauthorised person.

A privacy screen filter as a visual protection measure is an indispensable security tool to protect confidential data belonging to the company. Our product portfolio includes more than 52,000 privacy screen filters for a variety of different manufacturers, models and device types.

Find the right Privacy Screen Filter for your device here:

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“You Can’t Lock Down that Device”

With the move to thinner form factors, today’s computing devices may not incorporate the industry-standard Kensington Security Slot™. However, it is a misconception to believe that such devices cannot be physically secured. Even devices without a security slot can be locked down to prevent opportunistic theft.

Kensington offers a full range of solutions for a diverse array of devices - find out more by visiting

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Other Solutions Supporting GDPR Compliance

SecureTrek™ Luggage

The SecureTrek™ range of rollers, cases and backpacks have the ability to be anchored in locations where theft is a concern, such as airports, hotels and trade shows.


Security Cabinets

A fast and simple way of charging, syncing and securing multiple tablets and ultra-thin laptops.

AES-Encrypted Mice/Keyboards

Our AES-128 encrypted mice and keyboards reduce the risk of wireless keystrokes being intercepted by a hacker, protecting your private and confidential information.


USB Port Blockers

System administrators can physically prevent users from connecting USB devices, reducing the risk of unauthorised data copying or uploading malware to a system.



Biometric Security

Compatible with Windows Hello™, Google G Suite, Azure, Active Directory, Dropbox, Github and others, the FIDO-certified VeriMark™ Fingerprint Keys provide a simple, fast and secure log-in.

Kensington Tools to Support Your GDPR Compliance



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Privacy Screen Filter Selector

Find the right privacy screen filter for your device

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GDPR White Paper

Learn more about GDPR and how Kensington solutions support GDPR compliance


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* Kensington Security Solutions support GDPR Compliance

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