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Privacy Screens: What You Need to Know

Privacy Screens: What You Need to Know Blog Header Image

The sheer amount of time we typically spend in front of the computer in our professional lives means that taking advantage of tools to improve the experience, be it for user experience or security, should be a business best practice.

Companies are putting a lot of investment into data security, especially as use of customer information and research fuels a huge surge in big data and its analysis and application help achieve a number of sales and marketing objectives. That's why computer screens and more specifically the vulnerability of the data which can be seen on them, needs consideration that is in line with the network security policies that are in place. Why go to the trouble of spending thousands making sure your data is safe on your servers or in the cloud, when it can be easily read by unknown parties from just a screen?

Privacy screens allow data on a screen to be shielded from the gaze of others in an uncontrolled environment. That can be anywhere from a train to a hotel lobby. The prevalence of mobile working and our increased ability to do so means it is now extremely important to take a responsible attitude towards protecting on-screen data. You might be out of the office, but you can effectively be a walking display for the contents of your company's server.


There is also a dual purpose to privacy guards - one which can improve the mobile working experience no end. Most units have anti-glare properties which prevents sunlight from producing a 'blinding' effect which makes it hard for the user to view the information on the screen. For professionals that work from any location where windows can allow streams of sunlight to penetrate through, including trains, outdoors or even in the office itself, anti-glare provision can make all the difference between efficient working and a frustrating time. Anti-reflective properties ensure you don't detract from the experience of others around you.

How does it work?

The range of anti-glare and privacy filters use micro louvre technology to prevent unwanted viewers from viewing on-screen information and eliminate excessive glare. Installing privacy filters such as the FP156 Privacy Screen for laptops or the FP200 Privacy Screen for wide screen monitors blocks unknown parties from looking at your computer screen. It works by dimming the light that is emitted from the screen, according to the angle from which the screen is being viewed.

What are the health benefits?

The use of anti-glare and privacy filters helps to prevent conditions such as presbyopia and chronic headaches which can cause the eyes to become weak. Combating these potential side effects means you are less likely to become fatigued when working at a computer - for those that sometimes encounter long working hours, this can really make a difference to their long-term health. Meanwhile, a significant number of those with existing conditions have reported improvements after making the decision to invest in anti-glare and anti-reflective products.

A duty of care

As companies contemplate the amount of time employees spend sat at computer desks, the responsibility of taking measures to protect their health comes into play for human resources chiefs and procurement heads. As is the case with back support for chairs, foot rests, laptop stands and mouse accessories, anti-glare and privacy filters can provide a safeguard against negative effects that can be associated with long-term computer work.

Child friendly

Anyone with their own children or who is responsible for them will have noticed that youngsters spend an increasing time glued to their computer screens in the modern age. From computer work at school to catching up with friends over social media, it is inevitable that children will continue to use computers in the digital era we live in, so anti-glare filters can be a smart move to protect them from associated health risks in the long run.

Up until recently, anti-glare and privacy filters may not have been top of the list in terms of demand when it comes to office accessories. However as managers begin to understand both the security and health advantages they present, we expect them to become an essential when it comes to kitting out office based work forces.