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Slimblade Trackball on white background.
Slimblade Trackball on white background.

Elevate Productivity with Kensington Trackballs

Discover why Kensington trackballs are essential for professionals seeking ergonomic solutions. Learn how customizable features and ergonomic design alleviate discomfort and enhance productivity.

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Why Kensington® Trackballs? Simple.

With over 40 years of experience, Kensington is a global leader in desktop productivity solutions. If you find using a mouse uncomfortable, a trackball might be the perfect solution.

Man working at a cafe using the Slimblade Pro Trackball.

Compact Design

Ideal for limited spaces, trackballs feature a rotating ball within a small socket, maximizing efficiency in tight environments.

Close up to a female hands typing and scrolling with ergo devices.

Ergonomic Support

Trackballs require minimal elbow and wrist movements, reducing strain and discomfort for users, especially beneficial for those prone to pain.

Woman working at the office and, several Kensington products on her desk.

Speed Advantage

Trackballs offer greater travel distance per unit of movement, allowing your cursor to cover more ground efficiently.

Man working on a project using the precision control of his Expert Trackball.

Precision Control

Direct manipulation provides enhanced accuracy, minimizing the risk of unintentional cursor movements, perfect for tasks requiring precision


Love Your Trackball?

Kensington has created an ambassador program just for you.


Become a Trackball Ambassador

Join our Trackball Ambassador Program and become part of an elite community passionate about trackballs. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the trackball scene, we value your honest opinions, insights, and knowledge.

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Hand over an Ergonomic Trackball.

Hear from Our Ambassadors:

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #KensingtonAmbassadors and #KensingtonTrackballs in your trackball-related posts. We can’t wait to see and share your experiences! Join our Ambassador Program today and be part of something special.

A picture of Mike A showing happiness.
A picture of Jay Y. smiling.
Picture of Nicholas H. smiling.
Picture of Brian C's. setup.
Picture of Travis L's. desktop.

Mike A.

“Working without a trackball to me feels like I’m missing a part of me. It’s become complete second nature to have that be attached to My hand. It’s just the best.”

Jay Y.

“If you want to save time and space, look no further but Kensington Trackball! It changed my life. It sped up my workflow, cut down my editing time, and now, I can’t really use anything else but the trackball!”

Nicolas H.

“Out of all the gear in my studio, my trackball is the most essential tool for my workflow and comfort.”

Brian C.

“I’ve been using a Kensington trackball for nearly 17 years. It’s the most consistent part of my setup, it goes wherever I go.”

Travis L.

“I was extremely pleased with the large mobility of the Expert trackball, as well as the scroll ring feature. Constantly using it when doing music production, it is an immense time-saver when it comes to editing audio, scrolling and zooming, as well as navigating through timelines of extremely long projects.”



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