Driverfri SD4839P USB-C

Driverfri SD4839P USB-C

9-i-1-design med fire USB-porte

Universel Windows-kompatibilitet

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For at se indhold, der er specifikt for din placering, skal du vende tilbage til det land eller den region, der svarer til din placering.


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Man in a meeting and using kensington products.
Man in a meeting and using kensington products.

Brand Assets

Assets have been created for a consistent brand that exemplifies excellence. Below are downloadable assets that meet our brand guidelines.

Examples of Kensington stationary

Business Card Information and Stationary

Example of Kensington PowerPoint

PowerPoint Template and Corporate Presentation


Kensington Brand Center

These guidelines are for anyone building Kensington marketing assets, so that we can ensure brand consistency and maintain a strong brand across all properties. Please email any issues to Kensington Global Marketing: