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iPhone 5 Fashion Collection

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Here's a sneek peak into the Kensington Collection, inspired by Sasha Vermel. It’s more than a case—it’s an expression.

Wrap your iPhone 5 in a case as unique as you are. Kensington has teamed up with San Francisco fashion designer Sasha Vermel to develop a complete line of fashion cases that reflect your individual style and flair. 

What's your style?

Cheeky.  Are you in the mood for some optimism? Express your exuberance with a rainbow of color.

Varsity.  Give your iPhone a look as sharp and smart as polo shirt and a favorite pair of trousers.

Downtown.  Wrap your iPhone in Lower East Side NY chic. Metallic finishes, deep color, and the grit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Industrial.  Architectural lines and subtle cues expressed in a polished, sophisticated, modern style. 

Sophisticate.  It’s the epitome of classic fashion. The look is upscale but never uptight. 

Classic.  Authentic American character conveyed by wood, leather and plenty of character.

Be fashion forward!  Fill out the form above and we'll let you know when the Kensington Collection is available.

Enter to win a Kensington Collection case! Simply tell us your favorite.

Hurry, offer expires 9.30.12.  Offer valid in the US only.

We've been busy! Check us out.

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