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Empowering Patient Care

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Today’s healthcare IT pros need to support an enormous range of ever-changing environments. What’s more, you have to help doctors, nurses and administrative staff be more productive in every one. Kensington can help. We have a host of productivity and security solutions that fit the healthcare environment. From our incredibly durable keyboards to trackballs that help users get more done in less space, to our KeyFolio Secure with wireless tablet keyboard and built-in security anchor, Kensington has the productivity and security solution for any healthcare environment.

Nurse's Station & Admin

Healthcare professionals demand accessories that can provide all-day comfort and long-lasting performance. Kensington has the solution with keyboards and mice that fit a wide range of users, washable keyboards that prevent the spread of germs, and tablet folios that boost protection and productivity with their built-in keyboards.

Doctor's Office & Mobile Care

Technology has become an indispensible tool for patient care. But it can only work as well as the interface. Kensington empowers patient care with a full line of productivity tools that let you spend less time thinking about the device and more time thinking about the patient. From keyboards and mice that deliver all day comfort, to tablet folios with built-in keyboards, Kensington accessories let you focus on what you do best—care for patients.

Medical Cart

Medical carts place a premium on space savings. Kensington SlimType Keyboard and Orbit trackball deliver comfort and performance with a footprint smaller than standard models. And since nothing can boost productivity quite like keeping doctors and nurses healthy, we even have a washable keyboard that helps stop the spread of germs.